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All posts by: Chief eMail Officer

  • Profile:  Jeff Ginsberg has 17+ years’ experience and is an industry known authority on email marketing who gets in the trenches with clients and helps them fulfill their marketing objectives, increase revenue and brand engagement. Clients rely on him and his team at The eMail Company to provide them with expertise from strategy to technology and from campaign management to channel integration. Jeff has worked with clients across all spectrums in the financial, automotive, retail and consumer packaged goods space. His experience covers both B2B and B2C markets. He has a strong background in educating and training agencies and clients about email best practices and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to marketing tools and vendor selection. While Jeff’s team may be small, they know how to solve BIG email marketing problems. Looking for help with your next campaign? Don’t be afraid to give him a call – Jeff and his team ready to help you today. Give me a call: Toll Free: 877-We-eMail (877-933-6245) Local: 416-225-7711 eMail: jeff@theemailcompany.com
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All contributions by Chief eMail Officer

Smashing Magazine – Level-Up Email Campaigns With Customer Journey Mapping

By: Smashing Magazine I became a huge fan of customer journey mapping (CJM) the first time I was introduced to it. And after a few years of mapping, tweaking and presenting maps, my team and I started looking for other more exotic uses of this technique. The law of the instrument at its best, I suppose. Well, seek and ye shall find. Customer journey mapping is a visualization technique that helps... [Read more]

monetate – 10 Ways to Increase Customer Engagement With Your Email Marketing Campaigns

By: monetate Most email calendars are planned months in advance, and that can make it daunting to try something new or make a change to a campaign that’s already planned. And if your emails aren’t performing as well as they used to, you might feel like you’re stuck in an exercise of futility. You don’t need to feel that way. There are a ton of techniques out there that will help you bring... [Read more]

smart insights – 6 advanced KPIs for measuring email engagement

By: smart insights Going beyond opens and clicks to evaluate and improve subscriber engagement with your email programmes yawn pictureHow engaging are your emails? It’s likely that you review open and clickthrough rates for individual email campaigns and newsletters, but can you measure and prove how engaging your email marketing is on a long-term basis across multiple emails starting with the... [Read more]

Customer.io – 5 Types of Engagement Emails to Nudge Users Towards Aha Moments

By: Customer.io Ever feel that tiny emotional tingle, that little rush, of getting a notification on your phone for a new message, an Instagram favorite, a Facebook tag? If you’ve been a long-time Facebook user, you might’ve felt the buzz from Meenal Balar’s work firsthand. Meenal was a growth manager at Facebook from 2009 to 2014 during the company’s stage of massive global growth — and... [Read more]

ConversionXL – 8 Ways To Keep Your Email Engagement Alive & Lucrative

By: ConversionXL According to digital marketing firm Lyris, you should expect to lose 30% of your email subscribers every year. The two main reasons behind losing subscribers are: They change their email address. Your content is no longer relevant to them, so they stop opening your email or they unsubscribe. The first case is just your bad luck. Perhaps the subscriber was using their work address... [Read more]

Adestra – How to continue engagement in between events using email

By: Adestra Promoting an event is one of the most challenging and time-pressured campaigns a marketer can be involved in. It’s crucial to target your audience and correctly stagger your emails leading up to the event, while carefully crafting and planning the relevant information and juicy content, to engage the reader and ensure you fill the room. So, it all goes to plan and the event is the success... [Read more]

Digiday – Drop it like it’s bot: Brands have cooled on chatbots

By: Digiday What goes up must come down. Just this week, Facebook said it was “refocusing” its use of AI after its bots hit a failure rate of 70 percent, meaning bots could only get to 30 percent of requests without some sort of human intervention. Many brands had already begun dropping their bots, saying that they didn’t do what they were supposed to. Fashion retailer Everlane, which was one... [Read more]

personic – Chatbots are the future of Email Marketing

By: personic Millennials are your current and future audience. They spend more time on Messaging apps than they do on Social Networks or email. This is real-time On a recent trip, my boarding pass was delivered in Facebook Messenger. Your Brand needs to be where your audience is and will continue to be. Messaging Apps, especially, Facebook Messenger have opened the door for business to connect with... [Read more]

mailjet – How To Use Facebook Messenger Chatbots In Your Email Marketing Funnel

By: mailjet Many marketers view chatbots as an alternative to email, with some even proclaiming chatbots as the “death of email.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Much like how content marketing can be used alongside email marketing, chatbots are a powerful additive channel that can boost your email marketing campaigns. Customers are increasingly ready to embrace messaging apps as a customer... [Read more]

Smile Bright Media Inc.  – Why Chatbots Won’t Kill Email

By: Smile Bright Media Inc. In the last couple of years, chatbots have been one of the hottest issues in the world of marketing. Many believe this tool will replace direct mail or even destroy email as a technology. In fact, this is not entirely true and there are reasons to think that rather than wiping out email, chatbots will help make this marketing tool even more efficient. Complex Chatbots are... [Read more]

FRESHMAIL – Chatbots are email marketing’s new BFF

By: FRESHMAIL As an avid marketer, you must have heard of chatbots by now. They are everywhere, talked about on most tech forums and marketing Slack channels. Are chatbots the marketing tool we have all been waiting for? Will artificial intelligence automation increase our sales? Are we in the middle of a messaging revolution? In this article, I want to cover these questions with a focus on email... [Read more]


By: 10Twelve Figuring out the best marketing solution for your company is overwhelming. Tons of terms are thrown around like automation, funnels, bots, conversion, and more. What does this all mean? Building an email list and automating an email strategy is all the buzz right now. However, Facebook Messenger is on the horizon. Choosing the right solution for your company is definitely a head scratcher.... [Read more]

Remarkety – Combine Your Chatbot and Email Marketing Strategy for eCommerce Success

By: Remarkety Almost every article about Chatbot technology heralds the end of email marketing. Why is that? AI experts are convinced that communicating to your customer through chat is a better way to go than email, and that email is dead. But marketers are smarter than that. We know that new technology has a ton of value, but email is far from extinct. In fact, combining these two marketing and... [Read more]

Adobe – Bringing Them Back: Re-Engagement Strategies for Your Lapsed Customers

By: LinkedIn Much has been written about how to re-engage inactive subscribers on your email marketing lists. However, try as you might, it is still challenging to re-engage them, and you should dig a little deeper into this issue to develop some new strategies. First, you must accept that there are many opportunities and products in your customers’ inboxes all vying for their attention, and you... [Read more]

Simpleview – Re-engagement Campaigns from A to Z

By: simpleview According to Return Path, marketers send 20% of their emails to inactive subscribers – ouch! Some EPS’s set their billing up by the number of subscribers or the number of emails sent, therefore you don’t want to continue this practice of giving away your budget. Let’s find out more about a re-engagement campaign. When do you know you need a re-engagement campaign? When... [Read more]

Email Bakery – 20 Tips and Email Examples for Re-engagement Email Campaigns

By: Email Bakery Re-engagement email campaigns target clients who registered with you, used your services and bought your products, but who’ve been pretty quiet for a while. Re-engaging clients with your brand is something you could easily do with email. To spark your motivation and to make the process of win-back email creation easier, we paired our greatest tips on win-back campaigns together... [Read more]

EmailMonks- Reengagement Emails The Divine Jackfruit That Brings Life To The Dead Email List

By: EmailMonks We all have grown up hearing a lot of fantasies: Alice In wonderland, Rapunzel and many more. Did you hear about the divine jackfruit that used to bring life to the dead? That was real! We have found it and it works. (Well, but only on the dead email list.) The jackfruit is called Re-Engagement Emails. AN AVERAGE EMAIL LIST DECAYS BY 25% EVERY YEAR. AND, ACCORDING TO MARKETING SHERPA... [Read more]

AWeber- Winning Back Subscribers with Re-Engagement Emails

By: AWeber Here’s a scary stat: Email marketing lists decrease 22.5 percent every year. That means almost a quarter of your list – your list of valued email subscribers – will no longer be engaged or on your list at all. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean all of those subscribers are a lost cause. With a re-engagement (or win-back) campaign, you can send targeted messages to rebuild those valuable... [Read more]

IMPACT – 10 Examples of Email Re-engagement Campaigns You’ll Want to Steal

By: IMPACT Did you know that 25% of your email list will die off each year? Holy depreciation. What’s important to note is that even if your subscribers have gone inactive but remain subscribed, they could be seriously hurting your email engagement rates (even putting you in danger of being flagged as SPAM.)Looking for a creative way to rekindle the flame with your seemingly gone but not forgotten... [Read more]

Pure360 – Five frightfully fantastic tactics for Halloween email

By: Pure360 What do you fear most? Spiders? Zombies? Wicked witches? Or perhaps the thing that strikes terror into your very soul is the prospect of missing out on a great deal. For the majority of us level-headed types (who know the spider lurking in the corner isn’t really out to get us, honest…) fear isn’t normally what pushes us into making a sale, but it can be an effective way of getting... [Read more]