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Getting started with email marketing is easy with a free account from GraphicMail! Create, send, and measure great email campaigns with user friendly templates, lots of storage space, analytics, and the support you need.

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Sign up for your Free Email Account with GraphicMail

With your Free Email Account you can store up to 500 contacts and send up to 5,000 emails every month.

Example: If you’ve got 500 contacts (email addresses of people who have subscribed to your newsletter) you could send to each of them 10 times each month.

If you’re a small business, a start up or a club then this is a great way to get acquainted with email marketing.

Your FREE GraphicMail account includes:

  • Our user-friendly editor to create, send and measure your email campaigns
  • A choice of over 300 templates
  • Email support
  • 1 MB image storage space
  • A maximum of 5 mailing lists with a list cleaning tool that removes hard bounces and unsubscribes (it is however not possible to delete contacts off your list, and no segmentation tool is available)
  • Drill-down reports and analytics

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Graphic Mail's New 2011 Editor

The 2011 editor gives you new features such as image editing within the newsletter builder and about 300 new templates to choose from. It’s a real powerhouse for people who are serious about professional Email Marketing, and lets you breeze through creating studio-quality email campaigns without any HTML or design skills. The 2011 editor has everything you need to create your ideal newsletter, hassle-free.

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Go Mobile with Graphic Mail

Go Mobile with GraphicMail

Create a mobile site

Use the free mobile page editor to create a page or more filled with images, text, forms and videos.

Write an SMS/ text message

Write a text message and tell the system to insert a link to your mobile page. Upload mobile numbers to send to.

Send it

Upload mobile numbers. Send your SMS. Get instant feedback on who received the SMS and clicked on the page.

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Join our  Reseller Program

Create new revenue by providing email marketing to your customers. Focus on your relationships and leave the technology to us. Contact us.

The benefits to you

  • A new revenue source
  • Co-branded or fully branded options
  • Dedicated support
  • Marketing and help materials
  • API access – for easy integration
  • No volume commitment – pay only as you grow
  • Customizable client accounts
  • Tracking tools to justify ROI to your client

The benefits to your clients

  • List segmentation tools
  • 20MB image storage
  • Industry leading deliverability
  • Email drives traffic to their sites
  • Email testing tools

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