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10 great email & social marketing resources

10 great email & social marketing resources

10 Great Email & Social Media Resources

Today at 1 pm Eastern (-5 GMT) on eMail Radio, Kim Stiglitz – Director, Retention & Conversion Marketing at VerticalResponse and Social Media manager, Poppy Thorpe, join us to take your calls and questions about email and social marketing.

To compliment the show, I asked Kim and Poppy to compile a list of their favourite email and social media resources. In no particular order, here they are!


VerticalResponse Marketing Blog: We picked this not just because we work at VR, but because it’s an award-winning blog updated 2-3 times a week and presents relevant topics in a very easy way to understand for the beginner to a pro. (And, we know where our bread is buttered!)

Killer CTA buttons: We love buttons and tested them in our own emails and have found a higher click through rate on buttons vs. text links so this site is very useful to quickly and easily create your own button with CTA, take a screenshot of it and upload to your email –then you are good to go!

Copy writing tips: Copyblogger is chock full of relevant quick articles to make you think about your copy in new and different ways.

Email rendering in different email clients: Ever send a test of your email and have it look totally janky? Avoid that in the future by sending a test to Email On Acid and see how it renders in 48 variations of the most popular email clients and mobile devices – it takes 5 minutes and is free!

Trying to build a list of subscribers? VerticalResponse List Building Bank is a “vault” full of ideas to help you grow your list. You can deposit your own ideas or “withdrawal” one for free from the every growing list of ideas.

And, of course, The eMail Guide! (if we didn’t mention them they would disconnect this broadcast) And, because it is the search engine for email marketing! (editor’s note: no we’d never do that…unless we had to.)

Social Media

Discover the impact of your tweets: Tweetreach gives you a detailed reach analysis for any search term, whether it be a hashtag, URL, company name or Twitter handle.

Find Twitter trends and more: Trendistic allows you to see trends on twitter with real-time results. A great resource if you are trying to add the right hashtag and stay relevant when things move so fast!

Link shortening service and tracking: The most important step in an effective social media strategy is tracking your links. Use a link shortening service like Ow.ly to shorten your links and get tracking for each link you post.

Social media monitoring & analysis: For the more advanced user, SM2 allows you to monitor your band and your competitors across the web. Monitor by industry term, company name and much more. Plus, they will send you weekly reports, so you don’t miss a beat.

Takeaway: No one can do it alone. These tools/resources and many more out there can help you build more success.

About Kim & Poppy

Kim Stiglitz Kim StiglitzJoining us will be Kim Stiglitz – Director, Retention & Conversion Marketing at VerticalResponse. Kim’s focus with VR is helping new clients get up and running fast with their email marketing campaigns! So, she’s one person who can definitely answer your questions and help you reach your goals with email and social marketing!
Poppy Thorpe Poppy ThorpeAlso joining us will be Poppy Thorpe, Social Media Manager for VerticalResponse. She’s well equipped to answer question on integrating social and email for small business.
  • Profile:  Jeff Ginsberg has 17+ years’ experience and is an industry known authority on email marketing who gets in the trenches with clients and helps them fulfill their marketing objectives, increase revenue and brand engagement. Clients rely on him and his team at The eMail Company to provide them with expertise from strategy to technology and from campaign management to channel integration. Jeff has worked with clients across all spectrums in the financial, automotive, retail and consumer packaged goods space. His experience covers both B2B and B2C markets. He has a strong background in educating and training agencies and clients about email best practices and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to marketing tools and vendor selection. While Jeff’s team may be small, they know how to solve BIG email marketing problems. Looking for help with your next campaign? Don’t be afraid to give him a call – Jeff and his team ready to help you today. Give me a call: Toll Free: 877-We-eMail (877-933-6245) Local: 416-225-7711 eMail: jeff@theemailcompany.com
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  1. Don’t forget Postling (www.postling.com) for social media brand management. They send you daily email updates so you can track your brand (or all your brands for that matter).

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