Friday, September 30th, 2016

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AWeber – Email vs Mobile Marketing: Which One Fits Your Message?

AWeber - Email vs Mobile Marketing: Which One Fits Your Message?

By: AWeber

How should your business connect with customers – through a mobile marketing or an email campaign?

Much like the case of email marketing vs. social media, email vs. mobile doesn’t have to be an either-or discussion. There are definitely clear advantages to both depending on your message and the goal of your campaign.

Here are some ways to make both email and mobile marketing work for your business.

Consider Your Marketing Goals

First, let’s be clear about what kind of mobile marketing we’re discussing here. There are a number of ways to reach your customers on their mobile devices – through apps, mobile web sites, ads in mobile browsers, location based services like Foursquare and SMS text messaging.

While more and more consumers are buying smartphones, 41% of the population still use basic phones without many of the app and web browsing capabilities that smartphones have. Texting is the most popular use for cell phones, even among smartphone users. If you’re looking into mobile marketing for the first time, SMS marketing is the easiest place to start and will give you a bigger audience than newer forms of mobile marketing.

Every business has different goals for their marketing efforts. Before adding SMS to your campaign, make sure it enhances your own overall goals.

Online Action

Is your business primarily conducted online?

Although 83% of US consumers own a cell phone, most of them admit that mobile advertising does not affect their buying habits. If your goal is to influence decisions and lead readers to purchase, email is the best channel, especially if those sales are online.

Think about it: How likely are you to type in a web address included in a text message in order to buy something online? Mobile Internet browsing can be cumbersome and just isn’t as convenient as clicking a link in an email to buy online.

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