Thursday, September 29th, 2016

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B to B Online – What 3 email marketing mistakes make you look like a spammer?

B to B Online - What 3 email marketing mistakes make you look like a spammer?

By: B to B Online

Even though it’s on the decline, spam still represents a whopping 85% of email sent worldwide, according to Cisco IronPort.

While you hopefully are not yourself a spammer, it’s a mistake to think that spam does not affect you.

No longer is spam defined only by compliance to relevant legislation. Email recipients now have a say in the matter as well. Tools such as inbox filters, junk folders, blocked sender lists and spam buttons make it easy for recipients to classify your email as spam.

For b2b marketers, these tools are great because they help improve the email experience for your recipients. But they also mean you need to clearly set yourself apart from real spammers.

Read on and find out if you’re making the mistakes that make you look like a spammer:

  1. Using a “From” name that nobody knows.The “From” name is the first thing people see when viewing your email in their inbox. If they don’t recognize and trust the sender, they won’t open the email and are more likely to mark it as spam.Avoid generic words such as “Sales” in your from name. Instead, send emails from your company or brand name as these generate the highest level of brand recognition.

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