Thursday, September 29th, 2016

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Business 2 Community – 10 Email Marketing Campaign Tactics and Strategies To Build Relationships With Your Customers and Prospects

Business 2 Community - 10 Email Marketing Campaign Tactics and Strategies To Build Relationships With Your Customers and Prospects

By: Business 2 Community

Majority of Internet users have email addresses so it’s not surprising that email marketing still remains one of the top online promotion strategies available to businesses today. When running an online business, having an email marketing strategy is a necessity for establishing and continuing a relationship with customers and prospects.

To ignore developing email marketing campaigns as a lead generation strategy will result in missed opportunities to offer product releases, promotions and newsletters, for example to subscribers.

Email marketing campaigns are an extension of your social media marketing campaigns and convert into sales well.   It should be a mainstay in your online marketing toolbox.

Here are 10 tactics and strategies that you can follow to build better relationships with your prospects and customers via email marketing campaigns:

#1 Integrate Your Email Marketing Tactics Into Your Social Media Marketing Plan

As you are being active on social media sites like Facebook, Google Places and Twitter, make it a point to invite subscribers to sign up for your newsletter and your blog. Promote them one post or tweet at a time. Be sure to schedule your subscription requests so that you don’t inundate your fans and followers.

Offering a content-based reward for sign-up is a good way to give your prospects and customers a free sample of the type of content they can expect to receive in the future from your brand.

#2 Build an Email Marketing Program That Gives Your Messages the Best Chance of Getting Attention

Cover technology, sign-up form optimization, permissions, welcome messages, preheaders, “share this” links, subject lines’ testing, graphic rich HTLM-based creative design, and call-to-action.  Routinely measuring the results of your email campaigns’ open, forward, sent, bounce rates, link clickage and sales will allow you to create subsequent messages to segments within your subscribers who open your emails.

You should monitor click-through and conversion rates, to determine what emails were deliverable or undeliverable, view unsubscribed contacts, track unsolicited customer complaints, compare message reports and export or download reports for analysis.

#3 Engage Your Email Subscribers

Don’t just feed your subscribers with data and information. Allow them to interact with your content. Ask questions. Conduct polls. Offer an interactive game.  Make your subscribers become part of your content by building a contest around your product or service.

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