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CampaignMonitor – Image blocking in email clients: Tips and techniques for 2011

By: CampaignMonitor

Since our last update to our ‘Image Blocking in Email Clients‘ guide in 2007, its come to our attention that a lot has changed. In fact, email clients are more aggressively blocking images by default than before, with a 2009 report stating that only 48% of email recipients see images automatically. This means that if an email campaign relies heavily on images, it’s probably not being read by over half of its intended recipients.

What this means for email designers is that we have to be prepared for images to be blocked automatically in our campaigns. In this post, we’ll look at current conditions for image blocking in email clients, as well as suggest new strategies for getting your message across, even if it’s image-free.

Default settings in popular email clients

As well as refreshing our original results, we’ve also covered current conditions across the most popular mobile email clients. For more information on how ALT tags display in these email clients, check out our most recent results.
As you can see from the above results, blocking images by default in email clients is the norm, not the exception as was previously thought. Webmail clients in particular have cracked down on the automatic display of images, most probably to prevent tracking images from being downloaded in spam email.

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