Monday, September 26th, 2016

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CampaignMonitor – Should I optimize my HTML email for the ipad and tablet devices?

Should I optimize my HTML email for the ipad and tablet devices?

By: CampaignMonitor

I know what you’re thinking – just as we’re coming to grips with optimizing our email newsletters for mobile, suddenly we have tablets like the iPad and Kindle Fire to make things interesting again. So here’s the good and the bad news. The good: if you’ve already created a responsive design for the iPhone, then adapting this for the iPad and similar devices is dead easy. The bad: it still requires extra testing, coding and sooner-or-later, it’s going to be what all your clients are asking for.

Before we provide any solid answers on whether or not we should all be optimizing our email campaigns for tablet devices, lets look at their uptake and some basic techniques for adapting your design for small, yet not-so-small screens.

Why optimize for tablet devices?

The skinny is that tablet devices are getting popular. I’m sure you know of more than a few people who begged for Kindle Fires for Christmas, then got slipped a Motorola Xoom by Santa instead. Or snapped up an iPad 2 the moment they were launched. Our friends atReturn Path collected the hard numbers in a recent report, citing:

“In our last study we reported a 15% increase in iPad use relative to iPhone use… What we find is that the use of iPads has exploded – with an increase of 73% in email views on iPad devices between April and September of 2011. Email views on the iPad jumped by 12% between March… and April, then continued the steady climb upward.”
– ‘Mobile, Webmail, Desktops: Where Are We Viewing Email Now?‘, Return Path, 2011

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