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Constant Contact – 4 Ways to Bulk Up Your Email Contact List

Constant Contact - 4 Ways to Bulk Up Your Email Contact List

By: Constant Contact

With so much emphasis on creating emails with sharp content and even sharper designs, sometimes it’s all too easy to forget about your contacts.

Resist the temptation!

Good results don’t just appear from nowhere and any time spent maintaining and growing your list is time well spent. After all, new contacts mean new potential customers. Sure, it may not take much to keep your lists in fighting shape, but how do you bulk them up?

Here are four ways to attract and keep people who subscribe to your email list.

1. Set Things Up For Success

First, put down some groundwork to save yourself time.

  • Find shortcuts to uploading contact lists 
    You’re probably familiar with the usual choices for adding your existing contacts to Constant Contact (UploadingCopying & PastingTyping), but don’t forget that we have a ton of other options, too. Try searching  the Marketplace for apps or integrations to see if we have one for your current customer management tool.
  • Keep things clean 
    Even if you don’t plan to send out separate emails right away, it’s never too early to create separate lists for your different types of customers.  If you own a pet store, you may want to send out a specific promotion to customers who own dogs. Or you may want to see if your newer customers are more interested in your promotions than your older ones.  If you have multiple lists, you have the flexibility to do these things and track the results a lot more easily.

2.  Make the Invitation Obvious

I can be slightly oblivious sometimes, as can the rest of my family. However, we still spend money, attend events, and volunteer for charities. So, how can you make it easy for people like us to sign-up for your list and see those opportunities?

  • Put it on paper (or on a screen)
    Place a guest book by your register or dedicate a computer screen to the Contact Capture tool. Either way, you’ve got something to catch the eye of your customers. In fact, it’s a good rule of thumb to say that if you have a physical presence somewhere, make sure you have a way to sign-up to your list right there with you.
  • Use email marketing tools 
    Through Constant Contact, you have access to a link that will allow people to  join your list. Put this link on your website, in your email signatures, on Facebook and anywhere else you think your potential audience might be.
  • Be mobile
    Finally, don’t forget to make it easy for people on their mobile devices or phones to sign-up for your list. Just use Scan-to-Join or Text-to-Join to capture a brand new audience.

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