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eMail Marketing hot topics for Aug 10 2009

Protect Your List: How to Fight 3 Internal Battles over Email Strategy

Marketing Sherpa has picked up on a common concern amongst email marketers and has responded with some solid advice by providing solid if unspectacular strategic talking points to engage the most common internal threats to your email list. This article is re-assuring for all of us in the industry that we are not alone in being assailed by panicked co-workers and short-sited managers who would be all too willing to slash-and-burn the house email list for short term gain. Marketing Sherpa provides the common sense response that may even result in more resources and support for the company email marketer.  You can find the article here.

Week-End Trends: No references to Christmas in August yet

From The Retail Email Blog by Chad White comes the latest status Retail Email Index, a measuring of weekly email campaigns and strategy by the top 100 retailers. This week, Chad observes the current lull in Christmas marketing in the late summer contrasted with other holiday and event based metrics. My sense is that is not too late to engage in your Christmas primer campaign, but don’t forget about Labor Day and of course Back-to-School.  Do you think there has been an increase or decrease in promotional email volume since the same time last year? You might be suprised at the difference, but considering the emphasis on email marketing during these tough economic times I was not too surprised. You can find the blog posting here.

Big CSS guide update including mobile email clients

From the Campaign Monitor Blog by David Greiner comes something very, very useful when designing an email layout – a really, really good CSS guide. What’s too old? What’s too new? What about mobile clients? Does Eudora matter anymore? CSS is truly where the email marketer labors in the trenches and this free and downloadable guide is your best bet for making it through another campaign. Downloading it is exactly what I am going to do after linking up to it in this article. Thanks David & the team at Campaign Monitor Blog! You can find the Big CSS Guide here.

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    Awesome post. Love the links about email marketing hot topics that are happening. Makes some really interesting reading. Thanks.


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