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Email Marketing Wisdom: Best of the Email Snob Interviews by Scott Cohen @scottcohen13

Email Marketing Wisdom: Best of the Email Snob Interviews by Scott Cohen @scottcohen13

Best of the email snob interviews

Email Marketing Wisdom: Best of the Email Snob Interviews

Over the past several weeks on ScottWritesEverything.com, I’ve been conducting a series of what I call “Email Snob Interviews” with respected voices in the email marketing industry. In the first round of the series, I spoke with:

Here are some highlights from the questions asked of all the participants:

Words of advice for those who want to get into the industry

“Immerse yourself in everything email and don’t believe everything you read… Oh yeah, and don’t buy lists and don’t use ‘blast’ as a verb.”
–  John Caldwell

“Take care of your client list and it will take care of you.”
– Kent McGovern

“Never quench your desire to learn. Technology is constantly changing and that goes double for email.”
– George DiGuido.

“Read… a lot. You need to keep up by observing industry trends and staying on top of the latest research. You’ll need to read a lot of blogs, whitepapers, trade publications, and the like.”
– Luke Glasner

“Stay open-minded and work hard to learn by testing.”
– Rory Carlyle

Thoughts on the effects of mobile technologies on email

“I think there’s opportunity there for bricks-and-mortar retailers to present coupons via email for subscribers on their mobile phones in-store and potentially for mobile email sign-up.”
– Kelly Lorenz

“People will be viewing email on their mobile devices more than ever before. Email will have to be presented in a mobile browser to be able to offer a similar experience to that of an email viewed on a desktop.”
– George DiGuido

“I think Mobile will work synergistically with email. I think it will do a lot for customer service type tings. I could also see a lot of transaction emails moving to mobile.”
– Luke Glasner

Advice for the email marketing industry at large

“Strategy is key. Regardless of how smart you think you are, be open to new ideas.”
– Shannon Holato

“You’re neither as good or as bad at email marketing as you think. Don’t get down on yourself, but don’t get complacent.”
– Justin Premick

“Before you hit the send button, take a step back and ask yourself: ‘Would I be happy getting this email in my inbox?’”
– Kent McGovern

“Everything is scalable. Baby steps can, and often do, have major impact. Don’t count out the small stuff!”
– Kelly Lorenz

“To ESPs: Don’t dumb-down a sophisticated product; smarten-up your users. Just like not everyone can be an athletic superstar or cover girl model, not everybody can do email.”
– John Caldwell

Favourite things about email marketing

“I love to see the results. A great email marketer is always optimizing different aspects of their email functionality. It’s awesome to put all that work in and watch the success of that work.”
– Rory Carlyle

“The people and the technology. Email technology, the platforms, the functionality, and the ability to provide marketers with the ability to do great things with their email campaigns is really fun.”
– George DiGuido

“I really like the nuts and bolts of email operations across the board. I like to design and develop complex automated programs, roll them out, geek on the numbers, and then start tweaking and tuning. But my absolute favorite thing about email marketing is having the opportunity to share my experience and what I’ve learned in my time in the space.”
– John Caldwell

The “elevator pitch” for email marketing

“The ROI of email marketing speaks for itself. If companies aren’t utilizing this kind of revenue-generating channel, they’re living in the dark ages.”
– Shannon Holato

“In 2009, the ROI of email was $43.52 per dollar spent, according to the DMA. It’s worth the effort.”
– Kent McGovern

“Low cost. High ROI. Start-to-finish measurement for future optimization.”
– Rory Carlyle

“Email is highly scalable, so it fits any market’s size. It is the most targetable form of marketing and nothing seems to be able to beat it as a retention vehicle.”
– Luke Glasner

“With the proper resources, you can build a program that is one of, if not your most, profitable revenue channels.”
– Kelly Lorenz

Got any questions or comments you’d like to add?

Takeaway: Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification. (Martin Fischer)

Check out each of the entire interviews on ScottWritesEverything.com:

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  • Profile:  Scott Cohen is a writer, thinker, and marketer. Well-versed in and raised on local/regional TV and radio commercial writing, Scott has expanded his interests, talent, and expertise into the full spectrum of marketing communications, including email marketing. Currently, Scott works for Western Governors University as their Marketing Copywriter, where he manages the creative for the university’s email, web, print, and direct mail communications. He writes his own blog, contributes to others, and is continually getting more and more involved in the email marketing space. When not spending probably too much of his time on blogs or Twitter, Scott’s busy with his wife and newborn daughter living in beautiful snowy Utah.
  • Website:  http://scottwriteseverything.com
  • Twitter:   http://www.twitter.com/scottcohen13
  • LinkedIn:   http://linkedin.com/in/scottcohen13
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