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Email Marketing’s Next Step to Success by Rory Carlyle @rorycarlyle

Email Marketing’s Next Step to Success by Rory Carlyle @rorycarlyle

Email Marketing’s Next Step to Success

Email Marketing’s Next Step to Success

Email is dead, right? I mean, social media marketing is taking over, e-newsletters are losing traction, and with the addition of improved filtering and ISP’s prioritizing email for consumers – we’re doomed. Email marketers will be replaced with automated systems.

ESP’s will replace intuition with business intelligence tools and real-time technology. Triggers will rule the email world with an iron fist. Transactional emails will be all that’s left of the once-promising email marketing channel – even Amazon will stop emailing you recommendations.

Consumers and businesses alike will have inbox clutter reduced to nil. The only email communication remaining will be personal communication forwarded from your grandparents or demands for deadlines and deliverables from your boss.

Can you imagine? I can’t.

I don’t believe that email as a marketing vehicle has lost one step in the race for supremacy within the interactive world. Is it a perfect channel? No, it absolutely isn’t. Neither is social if you want to go there. It is, however, a very powerful underutilized medium that receives a lot of abuse and gets a bad reputation due to the sheer volume of garbage pumped through its veins. But it works, sometimes so well that the returns are like Vegas odds. That’s why email marketing is still here – it’s proven, documented, and affirmed as a solid revenue driver for businesses around the world.

Email marketing has looked slow compared to the blooming world we call social media. Marketers are flocking to the masses of users on their respective platforms, looking for any opportunity to connect and convert. While email marketers are wrestling with inbox placement and multi-client rendering, social marketers are posting links with a cut-and-paste.

So, what do (we) email marketers need to do in order to remain a valid,engaging, revenue producing channel? Evolve.

Evolve how? Stay in-step with the growth of websites.

The internet is rocketing towards an increasingly interactive universe. Websites are intuitive, messaging is real-time, personalization through historical data is everywhere, geo-targeting is heavily leveraged, and just about everything we do is being tracked by someone who wants to predict what we’re going to do next. The connection to the average user is strengthening, and personalization is paramount to fostering that relationship.

So, what’s email’s next step? Video.


Video is the next logical step for email marketers. Video can lift engagement, increase click-to-conversion, put a face and voice to the company, personally engage recipients, lower comprehension barriers around reading, and clarify the messaging for the end user.

End result: more compelling messaging with broader message absorption per send. Ladies and gentlemen, I call that a win. Video will be the connector for synergizing marketing efforts across mediums for companies. Video can currently be leveraged in social and on the web in general.

Takeaway: With email adding video to its tool belt, sharing and deploying video will be solidified across all marketing media, thus allowing interactive campaigns to share a common element and drive results.

Send email? Try video.

Viva la Email!

  • Profile:  Rory Carlyle is the author for VivaLaEmail.com. He's also an Email-Geek, frequent twitter hound, web-analytics nut and an all-around dweeb. Rounding out a 8+ year stint in interactive marketing, finding a home with email marketing, and becoming the most awesomest person ever; Rory keeps his hands full with his passion. Hoping to make the web a better place one inbox at a time, Rory loves talking email marketing all day. Outside of work; Rory takes his Jeep into the Rockies, thinks big thoughts and takes flights to random locations.
  • Website:  http://www.VivaLaEmail.com
  • Twitter:   http://www.twitter.com/rorycarlyle
  • LinkedIn:   linkedin.com/in/carlyleinc
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