Monday, September 26th, 2016

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EmailBlog – Hotmail now supports HTML5 video – overview

By: EmailBlog

After my ‘losing a bet’ post of no support in major webmail systems for HTML5, along comes the news of Hotmail now supporting HTML5 – which includes the joy of video (see a beautiful example here of Game of Thrones video in email). They’re just 4 months late for my bet, but still: it’s here. On to the rest of the info:

Where and how does it work – best?

Apparently as of now Chrome supports HTML5 in Hotmail the best: after some experimenting by video-in-email company BombBomb they have found that Chrome is the cool kid: controls for displaying/running the video are shown just fine. Other browsers that should be able to show it as well are Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4 and the latest version of Safari.

Other notes on the workings:

BombBomb notes that Hotmail currently strips the tag, which means you can only play the video by right-clicking it.

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