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#eMailRadio presents: Email Marketing to an International Community

#eMailRadio presents: Email Marketing to an International Community

#eMailRadio Presents: Email Marketing to an International Community

#eMailRadio presents:
Email Marketing to an International Community
With guest Nick Eckert of GraphicMail

#eMailRadio host Jeff Ginsberg will interview Nick Eckert, CMO of GraphicMail – a micro multinational company that focuses on email, mobile, and social messaging solutions for small businesses. During the live show Nick and Jeff will give us valuable insights into international email marketing. With 15 years of experience Nick is a strategy expert in web-based business.

As Director of Business Development for GraphicMail, Nick Eckert oversees a franchise network with a presence in 17 different countries. He will tell all about built-in user interfaces and the value of using an email service provider that supports different languages and international connections. There are unique issues involved when marketing to a cross-border and cross-cultural community, and Nick is the Ninja to ask.

Now for some questions that Nick Eckert and host Jeff Ginsberg will answer:

  1. How does the language barrier impact email marketing and ESPs?
  2. Since words are often interpreted with very different intentions in various languages, what are the best ways to address those cultural differences?
  3. How does content licensing impact business when marketing to a global community?
  4. Is the encoding of email messages affected by international transmission?
  5. From a corporate perspective, what challenges are faced in global positioning (such as office locations around the world, time zones, etc.)?

Nick will answer these as well as YOUR OWN questions, so please call in, chat, and Skype during our LIVE show!

Newbees and Ninjas alike will want to hear Nick’s insightful comments, so be sure to be with Jeff and Nick LIVE on Tuesday, February 1, at 1PM EST, on #eMailRadio!

This is your chance to call in with any question and we will answer it! We are here to give you the best tactics and strategies for international email marketing.

Joining the live #eMailRadio show is easy! Just follow one of these three methods:

– Call 347-637-3461.
– Skype – Click on the link provided when we are live.
– Register with BlogTalkRadio to participate in the live chat room while the
broadcast is in process.

Step 1: go to www.blogtalkradio.com/emailradio

Step 2: click on the upper right-hand corner Sign In

Step 3: click on Register Now! and create a BlogTalkRadio account or link to Facebook

Got a question to send to #eMailRadio in advance?

Send it to: emailradio@theemailguide.com.

Can’t dial in on Tuesday?

You can download the podcast at www.blogtalkradio.com\emailradio or listen to it on iTunes by clicking on the iTunes icon in the BlogTalkRadio player.

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