Thursday, April 24th, 2014

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#eMailRadio Presents : The Testing Show – What to test in your eMail Marketing

eMailRadio Presents : The Testing Show

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#eMailRadio presents: The Testing Show with host Jeff Ginsberg, Chief eMail Officer at The eMail Guide

Join us LIVE at 1 PM EST on Tuesday, March 8, for The Testing Show. We’ll talk with our LIVE callers and listeners about the things you should be testing and should not be testing in your email campaigns. Our topics will include:

  • Subject Lines
  • Layouts
  • Calls-to-Action
  • Landing Pages
  • Rendering
  • Send Time
  • Segmentation

This past week’s show was all about subject lines. Testing of subject lines is very important, and we’re going to walk you through the ways to do that properly. We’ll talk about A/B splits and testing sample size. And so much more!

Testing is executing, and the test results you get are what allow you to learn and grow, to evolve and incorporate your new findings. This is the show to learn how and what to test. See what works best for your subscribers, to assure that your email message is optimally delivered and received. Just as your subscribers evolve and change, so can you with proper testing!

Learn from an email Ninja whose hard work and experience with testing have taught him many important lessons about improving email campaign effectiveness. Call in LIVE and get #eMailRadio host Jeff Ginsberg to answer your questions! You’ll be glad you participated in The Testing Show, and the email community always benefits from hearing your Q&A.

Tune into the show

Joining the live #eMailRadio show is easy! Just follow one of these three methods:

- Call 347-637-3461.
- Skype – Click on the link provided when we are live.
- Register with BlogTalkRadio to participate in the live chat room while the
broadcast is in process.

Step 1: go to

Step 2: click on the upper right-hand corner Sign In

Step 3: click on Register Now! and create a BlogTalkRadio account or link to Facebook

Got a question to send to #eMailRadio in advance?

Send it to:

Can’t dial in on Tuesday?

You can download the podcast at\emailradio or listen to it on iTunes by clicking on the iTunes icon in the BlogTalkRadio player.

*SethGodin action figure or a $10 Amazon or iTunes gift card. Sorry no cash equivalents and no real Seth Godin.

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