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MarketingSherpa – Email Design: 3 critical factors of ‘lucky’ campaigns

MarketingSherpa – Email Design: 3 critical factors of ‘lucky’ campaigns

MarketingSherpa - Email Design: 3 critical factors of ‘lucky’ campaigns

By: MarketingSherpa

A successful email campaign is not the result of a single tactic or dumb luck. There are dozens of factors — everything from your list, to your timing. Knowing which factors matter most can greatly improve your “luck.”

Three factors are critical to successful email campaigns, says John Murphy, President, ReachMail:

Factor #1. Offer

Factor #2. Audience

Factor #3. Design

Murphy mentioned this in an interview for our latest article on email design. His comment got me thinking about how email marketers can improve in these areas.

Make me an offer — a good one

Every marketing email should have a call-to-action. You’re always trying to get the audience to browse your website, buy a product, sign up for a webinar, or take some other action — even if you’re sending a transactional email.

Some companies overlook this. Justine Jordan, Marketing Director, Litmus, says she often gets trade show follow-up emails from B2B companies that thank her for visiting a booth (I also interviewed Jordan for the article on email design that appeared in today’s MarketingSherpa Email Marketing newsletter). Not all of the emails give her another step to take.

“I am happy that I visited your booth, but what do you want me to do with this email?” she says. “There needs to be a call-to-action. Tell me to go do something.”

The relevance of your offer to readers’ interests will also have a big impact on results, even if the offer is only for free content. But before your offer can be relevant, it needs to exist, so always include one.

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