Monday, September 26th, 2016

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MarketingVOX – CTOR: Email Marketers’ Sleeper Metric

MarketingVOX - CTOR: Email Marketers' Sleeper Metric

By: MarketingVOX

Click-to-open rate, or CTOR, is an essential email marketing metric that many marketers overlook,writes Cara Olson for Marketing Land. Olson is director of Digital Direct/eCRM at Digital Evolution Group,  a full-service digital consultancy based in Kansas City.

CTOR takes the number of unique clicks and divides it by the number of unique opens and then multiples that number by 100 to translate it into a percentage, Olson explains, thus providing more data to a marketer than the standard metrics such as deliverability, open rate, click-through, conversion, and unsubscribe. “What it tells you is simply this,” she writes. “Of the subscribers who opened the email, how many clicked.”

Lyris Also Lauds CTOR

Lyris makes a similar point in this post.  It notes that CTOR measures:

  • Relevance of the message content
  • Effectiveness of offers
  • Effectiveness of the copy
  • Effectiveness of the message design and layout
  • Timeliness and immediacy of the content or offer
  • Effectiveness of the number and location of text and image links
  • And to some extent, the level of trust recipients place in a brand and value proposition.

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