Monday, September 26th, 2016

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MPEIS: Jeff Ginsberg and Morgan Stewart take it to the street!

MPEIS: Jeff Ginsberg and Morgan Stewart take it to the street!

What happens when you take a few key questions which every email marketer wants the answers to out on the street to the people? You get some surprising responses and a great deal of insight! Jeff Ginsberg and Morgan Stewart are presenting today at the MediaPost Email Insider Summit. The ‘What’s in it for me’ presentation will feature key questions and surprising answers from a good cross section of consumers representing different demographics. Do you know the answers? You think you do, but along with a room full of some of the smartest minds in marketing, you will gain some new perspectives on what people want and don’t want from us.

Live stream from MPEIS

If you could talk to a room full of the top marketers in North America, what would you say to them? We go to people on the street and ask them what advice they want to give.

We took our cameras to the street to find out how and where people socialize online. Do they interact with brands on Facebook? How do they feel about ads on social networks? The answers may surprise you.

How much do you use SMS/text? How do you talk to your friends and family? Some people you SMS and some people you phone. The phone is a more formal communication method. How do you feel about SMS advertising?

We stepped out on the street with our cameras to ask people if they had any brands they love or just like. Which brands do the best job of marketing via email to you? We get some interesting responses and ask why they love who they love.

Do people prefer to be the instigators of communication with brands? How do they feel if a brand emails them with triggered suggestions or coupons based on their behavior? The reactions of those we spoke to were not as predictable as you might think.

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