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Promotion World – Top Ten Tips On How To Do Email Marketing Right

Promotion World - Top Ten Tips On How To Do Email Marketing Right

By: Promotion World

1)    Choose the best ESP for your needs

An ESP (Email Service Provider) hosts email marketing software online, which is specifically optimized to do the heavy-lifting for bulk newsletter sending.

Before you start emailing, it’s vital that you choose the best choose the best ESP for your business.

An effective service provider should offer both online and telephonic customer support / training, and provide all the tools and tutorials necessary to help you easily create a campaign. Your ESP should also offer a pricing plan that fits your budget, and have a reliable sending infrastructure with multiple high-speed connections and hardware redundancies, so you can send at any time or volume.

2)    Build A Relevant List Of Contacts

The mailing list is the most important element in the success of your email campaigns. Responsible email marketing is based on permission, and a permission-based list built by yourself always yields the best results since you’re providing people with content that’s relevant and interesting to them.

Permission provides a foundation for delivering value, because the people on your address list have raised a hand and said “I’m interested in the emails you send”, so what you really want is the biggest possible list of individuals who have asked to hear about what you offer – and not just a lot of random email addresses.

3) Leverage Contact Data for Better Targeting

Sending irrelevant or generic emails can be risky, as these may provoke recipients to ignore your messages or mark them as spam.

Since subscribers have individual likes, as your list grows it becomes important to identify groups that share similar interests and use segmentation (the practice of clustering addresses) to improve your results, by sending appealing content targeted to their specific wants.

In addition to studying campaign reports to see what people tend to click-through on; consider using a service that gives you access to subscribers’ social profile data – which lets you more relevant information. This in turn is likely to increase your open and click-through rates, improve website conversions and even sales derived from promotional mailers.

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