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Five Reasons to Be Listed on The eMail Guide

Five Reasons to Be Listed on The eMail Guide

Drive qualified traffic to your website

Have you seen the cost of google adwords relating to the permission email marketing industry? Inclusion in The eMail Guide directory provides the click-throughs to your service or product at a fraction of the cost – and our basic listings are free so why not open one right now and see for yourself.

Don’t forget that our blog is always looking for industry experts such like you to contribute.

As an open blog for the email professional community, we are pleased to offer editorial content space for your industry article or post.  You can even become a regular contributor and get listed as an expert in our author profile and enjoy some prestigious company.  With The eMail Guide publishing original posts everyday about permission marketing every day, our popular blog is a valuable resource for all of our members.

Advertise with a banner ad to get an edge on traffic looking for your services and products.

Want to broadcast through our entire site? We want you to as well and our banners ads are the perfect vehicle to do just that. With a leaderboard and box ad spaces available and 5,000 impressions for free, your message will appear everywhere on The eMail Guide and appear often.

Post your jobs, events and promotions for free and create buzz and valuable backlinks to you.

A great compliment to your communications strategy, The eMail Guide’s classified, events and promotions sections are for email marketers to get the word out on everything from webinars to coupon codes to networking opportunities.

Got something you would like us to review, blog and tweet about?

Just ask – we love to get the word out to our thousands of followers. We review blogs, platforms, trends, events and websites and then we tweet about it on our popular Twiiter account @TheeMailGuide . There are exciting new channels we are developing in our secret email lab, so stay tuned….

The eMail Guide

The eMail Guide

  • Profile:  Chris has over ten years experience in web development and communications for the arts and culture industry. Having written and taught extensively on the ever changing area of media studies, Chris is excited to be a contributor for The eMail Guide.
  • Website:  http://www.theemailguide.com
  • Twitter:   http://www.twitter.com/artlistpro
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