Thursday, September 29th, 2016

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Shovi Websites – A Recipe for More Convenient Email Marketing

A Recipe for More Convenient Email Marketing

By: Shovi Websites

If you’ve ever built & sent an email campaign, you know it can be a time-consuming process. There are approvals, test emails, spam checks, and a host of other little details that go into sending out a quality email campaign to your subscribers. Throw in a lack of human capital, experience and time, and email marketing is easy to push off to the side (in favor of, say, posting updates to your social network profiles). But there’s a really simple recipe to make your email marketing not only more convenient, but also more effective than doing it yourself! Read on…

How to make your email marketing more convenient

You post to your blog, right? Or have press releases, or some other stream of time-indexed content? You add events to a calendar, right? You have other activity on your website, like new photo albums, case studies, contest and other announcements, right?

What’s to say you can’t extract that same content from your website, and format it differently, like, say, in an email? You already did the work once by posting content to your website. Now, send it off to your subscriber list without doing any additional work!

Great idea! This will save tons of time! But…um…how do I set this up?

To automate the parts of your email marketing that correspond with content management (not triggered or transactional emails, those are different), follow this recipe:


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