Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

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Travel Market Report – 10 email marketing tips that will drive results

Travel Market Report - 10 email marketing tips that will drive results

By: Travel Market Report

Despite all the hype about social media, email is still our predominant communication vehicle. Email is also an exceptionally powerful marketing medium – but only if you do it right.

Here are 10 tips to help travel sellers get the most out of their email communications.

1. Target what you send.
One of the most exciting things about email is that travel agents can easily target what they send by creating multiple lists. Lists can be comprised of customers, prospects, people who have shown an interest in a specific service, etc., and you can send a different message to each group that matches their exact interests.

Try that achieving that with any form of traditional marketing! How about television advertising? Even if you could afford to shoot 30 different commercials, there’s no way to send a specific commercial to a specific group of homes.

2. Use an email marketing service.
Sending bulk email on your own is nearly impossible. Plus, email marketing services with good reputations and high standards get incredibly good delivery rates. I work for an email marketing service (the very best one, but there are dozens), so this may appear self-serving, but the reality is that on your own you cannot come close to achieving the results that an email service delivers.

Another advantage of email services is their tracking capabilities – who opened it and when, who clicked on what, which links were most popular – something you could not build on your own. The fees for email marketing services start out at around just $15 per month. If that’s not in your marketing budget, you don’t have a marketing budget.

3. Make it easy to subscribe.
Permission-based email marketing, where a subscriber opts in to receive email from you, is the only email marketing worth doing. Subscribing is usually done through a web link, so put the link everywhere you can on your website – on every page and in a prominent location (upper left). Put it on your Facebook page, on your regular emails in the signature line and Tweet it on occasion.

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