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VerticalResponse – Give Your Dashboard a Makeover: 8 Email Metrics That Count

VerticalResponse – Give Your Dashboard a Makeover: 8 Email Metrics That Count

VerticalResponse - Give Your Dashboard a Makeover: 8 Email Metrics That Count

By: VerticalResponse

“Whoa.” That immortal phrase will forever be associated with Keanu Reeves’ “acting” prowess as Neo saw what the Matrix was for the first time. It was also about the same reaction I had when I was first introduced to the wonderful world of email analytics, as I sat there simply overwhelmed by the amount of data staring back at me from my screen. And since I’m way too young to start having grey hair, I decided there was a better way to get to the heart of the information I needed.

There are so many metrics available when it comes to measuring the success of our email marketing campaigns, yet a select few are most useful. Opens, clicks, and revenue may inform you, but they are what I call “raw” numbers. As in, do they really tell you if your readers are doing what you want them to do, be it sign up for a webinar or complete a purchase? At the end of the day, you want to know whether they are engaging with your content and taking action upon it, not just looking at it, saying it’s pretty (or not), and moving on. Your email reports are a starting point, but the 8 tips below will allow you to take these numbers and give you more insight into your readers’ engagement.

So, let’s cut to the chase and bring sexy back to our reporting dashboards, shall we?


1. Delivery Rate

How to compute it: (Number of Emails Sent – Number of Bounces) / Number of Emails Sent

What is it for: Did your email stand a chance at getting into your recipient’s inbox, let alone being read? This metric will tell you how “clean” your mailing list was, (i.e., were the email addresses valid?). On top of that, with spam filters becoming more and more effective (maybe a little too much so), it’s become increasingly difficult, but oh so important, to keep this number as high as possible. To put all chances on your side, try some of our tips for staying out of the spam folder.


2. Open to Deliver Rate

How to compute it: Number of Emails Opened / Number of Emails Delivered

What is it for: This is indicative of the first step of engagement, (i.e., was your subject line enticing enough for your recipient to take a closer look at what you had to tell him/her?). Please note that opens are tracked only in HTML emails with the images turned on, so if your recipient reads the email with the images off, or they get the text version, those emails will not be counted as an open. Also, some email clients’ preview panes will automatically block your images, and thus your previewed email will not be counted either, so take this metric with a grain of salt.


3. Click to Deliver Rate

How to compute it: Number of Clicks / Number of Emails Delivered

What is it for: This is a key metric that will inform you of the quality of your email list, as well as the relevance and effectiveness of your message. What’s the point in having your email delivered and opened, if it’s not clicked on because the content wasn’t interesting enough for the recipient? Don’t be afraid to segment your mailing list and test for maximum efficiency with this particular data point.

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