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Blogging to be the Expert

Blogging to be the Expert

Yesterday’s How To Be Famous On The Internet Seminar, hosted by SMOJOE, was a great success for all involved. There were a couple of real gems for SEO/SEM/SOM campaigns and I will pass those along in this post and others over the next couple of days.

SMOJOE and Rob Cambell

First up was the man behind SMOJOE, Rob Cambell. Rob talked about his experience as a Search Engine Optimization expert working for clients such as Alliance Films. His observations for the value of linkbacks via forums, articles and blogs were very revealing and I can tell you with great authority that blogs are the single highest rated source of linkbacks you can get.  Of course, there is more to than that – the value of linkbacks to your site from blogs also depends on the ranking of that blog with Google.  To determine the rank of a blog, Google looks at how much of an expert in a particular field that blogger is as well as diverse media, posting frequency and the keywords in your titles and headlines.

Write as the expert in your field, and preferably as niche as possible, and the traffic and ranking will follow.

Christa Jean the Petite Fashionista

Christa Jean the Petite Fashionista, a blogger with a great success story then took the podium. Being less than 5’3″, Christa started a blog giving fashion advice to petite women around the world and became very popular over the next two years. In her third year, she hosted a fashion event in Toronto based around her blog and fashion niche and tied it in with Heroes star Hayden Panettiere by donating proceeds to Hayden’s favourite charity. Christa appealed to a niche, created a social network and put her message in to the physical world.

Raymi the Minx

Next up was Raymi the Minx, an artist who boasts “blogging before you knew how to attach an image to an email”. She also has had more than three million visitors to her blog since 2000 and averages 4000 per day. Wow! She was very down to earth and for someone who is a genuine internet celebrity, I was surprised to learn she was nervous about talking in front of 30 people. However, that is exactly the point she emphasized for a successful personality based blog – be you, warts and all, and people will appreciate it.

More posts with blogging goodness to follow – including breaking down the 4 types of blogs, what Google does not like and what blogging platform Goggle loves. 


How to be Famous on the Internet Blogging Seminar

How to be Famous on the Internet Blogging Seminar

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