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Posts tagged with: Pivotal Veracity

Make Monitoring Mandatory: Here’s the Why and How By Marco Marini @ClickMail

Make Monitoring Mandatory in Your Email Marketing: Here’s the Why and How What you don’t know will hurt you. And when you don’t regularly monitor your email marketing program, there might be a lot you don’t know. The number one reason for...
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3 iPad email preview tools (just launched) by Anna Yeaman @stylecampaign

Unica today announced its support of iPad email previews, via Pivotal Veracity’s eDesign Optimizer tool. Along with Litmus and PreviewMyEmail, Unica is the third email vendor to launch iPad previews in the last month. In Monday’s WWDC keynote address, Steve...
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The Legend of Spamalot and the Nobility of Words by Chris Wheeler @ChrisAWheeler

  • The Legend Spamalot
The Legend of Spamalot and the Nobility of Words Spamalot?  You might if you’re using the wrong words in your email marketing. Years ago, the role of the email inbox gatekeeper was one that pivoted on the propensity of email...
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16 iPad email preview tools, stencils, PSDs and a hack emulator by Anna Yeaman @stylecampaign

Nine in 10 iPad users said e-mail and web browsing will be the most common tasks. ESP Campaign Monitor, reported seeing clients with 5-10% iPad usage in its first week of release. Here's everything you need to get a jump...
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STYLECampaign iPhone & Mobile Top 10 Email Preview Test Tools by Anna Yeaman @stylecampaign

STYLECampaign iPhone & Mobile Top 10 Email Preview Test Tools Between November and December 09, the number of people reading the STYLECampaign newsletter on the iPhone, jumped from 4.4% to 10.4%. Needing to test some new, iPhone friendly templates for...
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Open acquisition season by Chris Wheeler @ChrisAWheeler

It’s hunting season, folks!  Not “wabbits” this time of year, but rather companies in the email space. Over the last few weeks since 2010 began, there have been several notable mergers and acquisitions taking place. SubscriberMail acquired by Harland Clarke...
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Unica Corporation acquires Pivotal Veracity

Waltham, Mass. – January 13, 2010 – Unica Corporation (Nasdaq: UNCA), today announced that it has acquired privately-held Pivotal Veracity, a provider of tools that enable companies to optimize the deliverability and reputation of their digital communications, for approximately $17.8...
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