3 Clever Ways to Use Email Advertising Data for Better Email Marketing by Kevin Deseuste @KevinDeseuste

3 Clever Ways to Use Email Advertising Data for Better Email Marketing by Kevin Deseuste @KevinDeseuste

3 Clever Ways to Use Email Advertising Data for Better Email Marketing

Marketers talk a lot about data: email marketing data; data from search, display, and social campaigns; or information from any of a host of other channels. With so much data being collected, it gets challenging to know what to do with it. (Fun fact: According to an IBM survey, 70% of CMOs feel unprepared for data overload.)

Marketers who do find ways to take smart action based on their data increase engagement and, ultimately, revenue.

At ividence, we use behavioral data to increase the amount of useful email advertising that we send and to minimize unwanted email ads. Publishers who monetize their email lists through ividence also have full visibility into data on list performance, most active demographics, and what kind of offers interest their list.

We want our customers to take action on the data and insight we provide so I thought I would share some simple ideas to use the email advertising data to improve your own email marketing.

1. Identify underperforming demographic segments and develop content to better engage them.

What you can learn: Some of the most basic data we offer our list owners is demographic information about who on their list is opening and clicking on ads. As an example, here is an index of gender among the active members of an email list:

On this list, females are less likely to be active than males. As a list owner, you can overlay this with your own data to see if certain segments are underperforming for both your own email campaigns and email ads. If so, there might be an issue with engagement within that segment.

What you can do: Look for ways to reconnect with less engaged segments:

  • What are they missing? In this case, maybe you have a women’s health section on your site. Develop an email series to introduce female subscribers to that section and the resources within it.
  • What are they looking for? Give these subscribers a chance to tell you what they want. Create a survey for them to help you drive new content and products. Or encourage them to update their preferences so that you can better target your emails. DJ Waldow recently wrote a really insightful article about this.

2. Identify your most valuable subscribers so that you can find cost efficient ways to acquire more like them.

What you can learn: So, what do you learn about the males in the above example who are more likely to be actively engaged with your email advertising? You know that they are among your most valuable email subscribers because you can generate additional revenue by sending email advertising.

What you can do: Find ways to add more of those subscribers to your list:

  • If you have it, look at your own data to see from where people in that demographic group came to your site and list (search, display, social, etc). Then, you can devote more budget to those channels.
  • If you don’t have that data, experiment with channels and promotions geared toward your most profitable demographic segments. For instance, through Facebook, you can target by age, gender, education, etc.

3. Identify untapped interests within your subscriber base.

What you can learn: What types of content might your subscribers be looking for that you can offer? Within the ividence platform, list owners see (and approve) every campaign that goes out to their list as well as the results they generated on their campaign. Sometimes there are surprising and interesting patterns for our clients.

What you can do: Imagine you are a list owner who publishes a newsletter for people looking to improve their finances. Through the ividence platform, you see that your list is responding very well to offers about home improvement.

  • To tap into that interest from your subscribers, you could create an article or email that explains when it’s a good idea to take out an additional mortgage to pay for improvements to your home. You could also create an email series about financial pitfalls to avoid during a large-scale remodelling.
  • If you have a product or resource that helps people to financially plan for a big home improvement project, you could even send an email to your list through the ividence platform promoting the product so that you reach exactly the right target.

Takeaway: It’s easy to get overwhelmed by email advertising data. If you think about ways to incorporate data into your plan, you can solve some of your internal marketing questions as well as better understanding your email subscribers.

(Images courtesy of Opensourceway)

Meet the author:

Kevin Deseuste

Kevin Deseuste

Kevin Deseuste joined the ividence team at the beginning of 2011 and directs the implementation and evaluation of advertiser campaigns and publisher lists for the U.S. market. He brings to the team an expertise in monitoring and enhancing deliverability and response rates from both the publisher and advertiser perspective. Prior to joining ividence, Kevin worked in Business Development at technology solutions provider SCC.

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