5 Steps to Succeed in Email Marketing Without Really Trying by Carolyn Nye @CareNye

5 steps to succeed in email marketing without really trying

5 Steps to Succeed in Email Marketing Without Really Trying

I recently got to see the play “How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying.” The play is set back in 1962 and seems to have held true to so many business stereotypes even today. The plot follows a young window washer’s rise up the corporate ladder to become Vice President with the help of his trusty guide book outlining the steps needed to succeed. It’s a cute and witty satire on the realities of the business world. It got me thinking- can we apply the same easy to follow steps into a no-fail guide to email marketing? I think so.


Step 1: How to be a team player
Everything you do should be for the benefit of the company, and never look as though you will gain any personal advantages as a result. Always be a team player
There is no bigger team player then email. The critical role email communications play in any marketing program is vital. A few years ago every Tuesday I would get a call from our IT department asking if I had just sent out an email campaign. Why? Because our servers were overloaded with the traffic, which to me is a great problem to have and meant we were doing our job well. Luckily since then we’ve upgraded servers and can now handle the traffic. I think of email as the veins of any company, bringing the blood to all appendages and connecting everything together. Social, retail, web, direct mail, paid search, affiliates: they are all interconnected and without email, no one element would nearly be as successful.  Email is literally the lifeblood of a company in today’s growing technological and globally diverse atmosphere. As J-P De Clerck recently said in an interview with Social Media Citizens: “This might surprise you: I have no RSS reader, no page with bookmarks and even no list of blogs or sites I systematically follow. Again, my inbox keeps me up-to-date.”

Step 2: How to avoid petty friends
Petty friends will only hinder your rise to the top.

One rule of advice: Steer clear of anyone preaching the death of email. They’re troublemakers.

Step 3: How to begin making contacts
The business world is all about who you know.

Email marketing world is full of great people and it is a community of thought leaders on every side, from those in the trenches to those providing the technology. Poking your head above the water to see what is going on in the industry, reading articles, webinars and attending conferences is really a great way to take your program to the next level. You never know what you are missing, so get out there.

Step 4: How to select to whom to lunch with
Whom you eat lunch with can make or break your reputation.
The age old question: who should I partner with and why? What companies out there will be my best partner for success within the email marketing realm? There are dozens and dozens of great email service providers and other email solution companies. Choose wisely. Make sure you do your research. The increasingly competitive world of ESPs has resulted in clients benefiting from increased service and technological advancements. Your partners will either hinder or dictate how successful you will become. The best thing we did was to partner with a company who, at the time, was well ‘over our head.’ With the vast array of capabilities offered, we dove right in and advanced our program to take advantage of everything we could. The result- we drastically revolutionized and advanced our program. The only way to be a better skier is to ski with people better than you. You’ll be forced to keep up.

Step 5: How to walk into a conference room with an idea
As a Vice President of Advertising, you better come prepared with some great ideas.
This one is pretty easy. Luckily email is a proven medium, so you should have all the stats and ROI figures you need to back up any brilliant idea you may have to upper management. March in there and get it done.

Takeaway: How you play, who you play with, how you call the plays and common sense are keys to succeeding in email marketing.

Meet the author:

Carolyn Nye

Carolyn Nye

Carolyn is Email Marketing Manager for USAData, providing businesses with consulting, data and technology solutions. Previously she was Marketing Manager for S&S Worldwide a direct marketer of arts & crafts and educational supplies for over five years. She is responsible for the planning and implementation of email marketing programs and has developed a wide variety of highly successful triggered and transactional email campaigns designed to engage customers, drive sales, improve service and overall customer satisfaction. In addition to email marketing, She is an occasional speaker and contributor at industry conferences, featured in trade articles and webinars. Carolyn holds a BS in Marketing from Umass Dartmouth and currently pursuing an MBA in E Commerce and Global Marketing from the University of New Haven.

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