5 ways to re-engage inactive subscribers by Georgia Christian @mailblaze

Email Marketing : 5 ways to Re-engage Inactive Subscribers

ed note: Please welcome guest blogger Georgia Christian of Mail Blaze!

Re-engaging your inactive email marketing subscribers

You have diligently gone through the process of establishing which of your subscribers are actually inactive and more importantly why. There could be a number of reasons for this, but one of the most likely is that your content simply isn’t interesting enough to grab their attention, either in the subject line or in the body of your emails. These are the subscribers that you want to target your re-activation campaign at.

Re-engaging (re-activating) your subscribers is a good idea for a number of reasons. Firstly, the process costs less than if you were to try and acquire new subscribers. Also, having inactive subscribers on your list can harm your reputation and deliverability. This is because client interaction is becoming increasingly important in the filtering decisions with ISP’s. With the aim of identifying spammers, these ISP’s turn old email addresses in to ‘spam traps’ or ‘honeypots’ and monitor email marketers that constantly send emails to these invalid addresses.

Your campaign goal is to peak your subscribers’ interest again and win them back to your side of the court, but how can you go about doing this?

1- Offer an incentive/special offer
This should be the first step in your re-activation campaign. Consider offering something for free, such as a coupon, white paper, survey, entry into a competition or a discount on your products or services. It needs to be eye-catching, succinct and hard to pass up; you don’t want to give your subscribers any reason to ignore this special email.

2- Remind them of the benefits of being a subscriber
What are they missing out on? What further special offers are they eligible for? What interesting articles can they expect to read in the next newsletter? You could at this stage also allow them the opportunity to update their profile. Make sure this is a painless process whereby they can change their email address, their preference to how they receive their emails, their demographics and even their interests.

3- Conduct a survey on inactive subscribers
This email needs to stand out as much as possible. Remember that your subject line might be one of the reasons that your subscribers aren’t opening your messages, so look at changing your content here first and see if it has a positive effect. For example, you could try personalising the email more. In the survey, ask them what they would like to see in your newsletter and what they are interested in.

4- Include links to past articles
Gather your most popular articles and write-ups from past newsletters and put them together into a special ‘best of’ email. A trip down memory lane will help remind subscribers why they signed up in the first place.

5- Test different send days, times and frequency
If you are not generating desired results with your current roll out plan then perhaps it’s time to reassess your strategy with regards to when and how often you send emails.  Many companies and individuals have had success by simply changing the day or time of day that they send their emails.

If there’s still no response at this stage, then prompt them by letting them know with a friendly reminder that their subscriptions will be expiring soon. Let them know that if they still want to be on your mailing list then they’ll need to reconfirm their interest and email address. Make the link to the details update form simple and easy to find.

Takeaway: Don’t be discouraged by your inactive subscribers and lack of response to your emails – there is always an action you can take to try and win them back to your side of the court.

Meet the author:

Georgia Christian

Georgia Christian

Georgia Christian is the editor for the online Email Marketing service Mail Blaze. She is responsible for communicating Mail Blaze’s five plus years of industry experience and accumulated knowledge into the market. Experienced in all facets of email marketing Georgia has been tasked with collating and imparting Mail Blaze’s collective knowledge to you. It’s her dream that one day we’ll live in a world where all emails are perfectly formatted, spam free and beautiful to read.

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