7 ESP Selection Tips Not to Be Missed by Jordie van Rijn @emailmonday

7 ESP selection tips not to be missed

7 ESP Selection Tips Not to Be Missed

After going through the gigantic task of compiling the Email vendor selection guide at the beginning of this year, I had the extraordinary position of talking to more than 25 emailtool providers at the same time and not feeling guilty or as if I was wasting time.  I asked some of them to write down that one tip that they would give to anyone looking for an Email Service Provider. Here are the top 7 tips.

Focus on the best return, not just lowest price
Don’t just focus on price. While it is certainly tempting for marketers to get carried away trying to reduce costs, it’s return on investment that really counts. It’s only by using more advanced email marketing tactics like personalisation and segmentation that marketers will get the very best returns from their email marketing activity. So focus on a platform that puts these more advanced tactics at your fingertips. Tink Taylor, MD, DotMailer

Consider your other departments’ needs
The most important thing in the process of selecting an email vendor are your own expectations and goals. Make them clear and ask yourself the question, what are my requirements? Consider not only your own requirements, but also collect the needs from other departments in your organization. Find out what other departments use email for communication, like the marketing department or operations. Look at departments that not  use email as a communication channel yet. Could they benefit of it and maybe reduce the costs for your company. Ronald Dubbeldam, Managing Director, Measuremail

See if they practice what and how the arrange their backyard
It requires some time, but it can provide useful insights. After selecting the 10 ESPs that better fit your needs,  signup to their customers newsletters and check link tracking, unsubscription methods, deliverability, social sharing options, preference center, message customization, rendering speed (if images hosted by the ESP)… Nazzareno Gorni, General Manager, MailUp

Always do a background check
Always ask for references and ensure that those ESPs are practicing what they preach. Mia Papanicolaou, Messaging Specialist, Striata

Don’t sign up for a long time
Don’t sign long term contracts, they only ever serve the ESP not the customer (despite what you might be told), it’s a competitive market place and you’ll be able to get a great deal whoever you go with – so go with the one that you can imagine staying with – even if you didn’t HAVE to. Marc Munier, Commercial Director, Pure360

Keep your feature wishes limited

The one tip is: do not ask for an abundance of features! Most email vendors offer products that have more features than email marketeers actually need. Ask for the soft facts which will really make the difference: do you feel comfortable with the email marketing platform (usability, performance)? Is customer support included? Does the vendor have a good reputation? Are companies in your size and branch among his clients? Are there any hidden costs? Are there ISP relations and abuse management teams? And most important: Can you achieve your email marketing targets? Martin Bucher, CEO, Inxmail

Define your measurement metrics beforehand
We encourage potential customers to sit down with their teams and relevant departments and set out why they are sending email.  Marketer’s need to ask themselves the following questions: Who are you going to be sending to? What are your key performance indictors – your measurement of success? They will define what metrics you track. Having this information makes it easier to pick the right system in general, but for it allows the ESP to help the prospect pick which elements of the systems they need to use. Marie Moynihan, Marketing Manager, Newsweaver


Go for the right click
As you see, that is experience talking. These ESPs have gone through literally hundreds of ESP selections from the supplier side. To add two cents of my own experience  in guiding organizations in selecting the right email marketing vendor, it’s crucial to go with a supplier you feel 100% comfortable with to help you forward.  The so-called ‘click’. And as it turns out that is also what you want your subscribers to do.

Meet the author:

Jordie van Rijn

Jordie van Rijn

Jordie is an independent email marketing consultant with his company eMailMonday. He specializes in email marketing and event-driven campaigns, helping brands to get the most from their email marketing efforts. Selecting emailtools at email vendor selection website is another.

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