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The eMail Guide features great ways for you to go from an email marketing Newbee to a highly trained Ninja.

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We’re here to broaden your perspective and understanding of email, social, and mobile marketing campaigns. We steer you around the pitfalls and show you the best practices in the business. We are here to answer your questions and support your efforts.

From NewBee to Ninja, let us be your eMail Guide.

Jeff Ginsberg, founder and CEO of The eMail Guide, is a passionate outside-the-box thinker who loves technology and everything “Internet-ee”. After 10 years of email marketing, he launched The eMail Guide in 2009 his way of giving back to a noisy, fragmented industry driven by commoditized CPM rates.

Jeff extends this invitation to you: “If you are a part of the email marketing industry or an email marketer by heart I invite you to participate in this project and become a contributor/author to The eMail Guide Blog.”

Long before email marketing was the Cinderella of the Internet, Jeff helped companies understand the true need to build opt-in databases. Opt-in is where email marketing begins.

His clients include major brands in the Canadian marketplace – Honda, Mazda, BMW, RadioShack, The Source, Grand and Toy, HBC, Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal, Mackenzie Financial, Heart and Stroke, MADD, UNICEF, plus many others, including a list of Who’s Who in the agency world.

Jeff has been invited to speak at

  • The Canadian Profession Sales Association
  • AARM – The Association for the Advancement of Relationship Marketing/Relationship Management
  • AIMS – Association for Internet Marketing and Sales
  • Media Post Email Insiders Summit

He continually does education and training sessions with the hopes that an ounce of education is worth a pound of execution.

When Jeff is not in front of a computer he can be found in his garden, wood shop or anywhere near the water.