Affiliate Email Marketing by Heather Seitz @emaildelivered

Affiliate Email Marketing by Heather Seitz @emaildelivered

Affiliate Email Marketing

Affiliate Email Marketing during product launches can negatively impact your email reputation and your general email deliverability rates.

Sending 3-4 (or more) affiliate emails out during a product launch is quite common but is also causing more and more problems with deliverability and inbox placement rates. It is such an issue that several ESPs (email service providers) are shutting down marketers’ email accounts permanently due to product launch promotions.

Here are 3 reasons product launch affiliate email marketing can impact your reputation.

1. The domain to which you are promoting.

ISPs are getting more sophisticated and, in some cases, are checking the final destination of links. If the reputation of that domain is bad, it can send your emails to the junk folder.

TIP: Check the domain against major blacklists to make sure the destination domain is not on a blacklist (such as URIBL, for example).

2. Increased complaints.

Since subscribers are often in multiple marketers’ lists, it’s quite common for them to get the same email (or some variety of that email) over and over again. As a result, complaints almost always increase. This can cause your reputation score to take a hit, which may cause problems inboxing and may cause the ISPs to throttle the email volume that you can send (i.e. your hourly limits may be reduced due to both increased complaints as well as a lower reputation score).

3. Content similar to other messages seen in the spam folders.

Most people participating in launches change the swipe content very little, if at all. Consequently, if similar emails from OTHER marketers generate complaints, your messages may wind up in the junk folder as well.

In some cases, your reputation and inbox placement may rebound immediately after the marketing stops. In other cases, and depending on other messaging, frequency, and engagement, it may take some time to rebound.

While I do understand that affiliate marketing and launch marketing plays a role in many online businesses, it’s VERY important that you watch your metrics VERY closely when you’re participating.

Things to keep an eye on include:

  • Increase in bounces/blocks
  • Increase in complaints
  • Messages in your spam folder

If you see an increase in any of these, there’s a good chance that the domain, copy or huge amount of email that people are getting about the product are causing YOU problems with your email program.

Takeaway: Product launches and affiliate email marketing can have a big impact on deliverability. In this article, we discuss how to protect your email reputation while still participating in launches and affiliate promotions.

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