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All posts by: Amy Garland

  • Profile:  Amy Garland is the marketing manager at Blue Sky Factory, a Baltimore-based email service provider. With 6+ years experience in the marketing industry, Amy’s favorite part of her job is writing, whether it’s for emails, blogs, or any and everything else having to do with online marketing. She can currently be found writing on HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing blog and Blue Sky Factory’s The Thinking Inbox. (Be alert! She tries to fit a pop culture or music reference into almost every post!)
  • Website:  http://www.blueskyfactory.com
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All contributions by Amy Garland

If content is king, your database is queen: Using segmentation for more effective campaigns by Amy Garland @amygarland

Editor’s note: I thought this was a great post by Amy and deserved a second look (originally posted in April). Enjoy! jd In email marketing, if content is king, then who is queen? First things first:  Is content king when it comes to email marketing?  Well, if the secret to successful email marketing is sending timely, targeted, valuable emails, then yes. Content is one of the most important... [Read more]

9 ways to build your email marketing list by Amy Garland @amygarland

Every time you buy an email list a puppy dies. Not only does the Email Guide feel strongly about the topic of buying email lists, so do industry experts like DJ Waldow and John Caldwell.  But why?  Why exactly is purchasing a list of email addresses such a bad thing?  Let me count the ways: – Some purchased lists include harvested email addresses, which is illegal. – You’ll get little... [Read more]