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All posts by: Carolyn Nye

  • Profile:  Carolyn is Email Marketing Manager for USAData, providing businesses with consulting, data and technology solutions. Previously she was Marketing Manager for S&S Worldwide a direct marketer of arts & crafts and educational supplies for over five years. She is responsible for the planning and implementation of email marketing programs and has developed a wide variety of highly successful triggered and transactional email campaigns designed to engage customers, drive sales, improve service and overall customer satisfaction. In addition to email marketing, She is an occasional speaker and contributor at industry conferences, featured in trade articles and webinars. Carolyn holds a BS in Marketing from Umass Dartmouth and currently pursuing an MBA in E Commerce and Global Marketing from the University of New Haven.
  • Website:  http://www.usadata.com
  • Twitter:   http://www.twitter.com/CareNye
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All contributions by Carolyn Nye


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Full Service Email Marketing Plus Permission-Based Email List Rental USADATA offers the power of full service email marketing combined with the access to permission-based email marketing list rental. Now you can get great email marketing plus the ability to drive new leads and benefit from traffic that you might never have received.   Full Service Email Marketing   We help clients grow... [Read more]

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The Lunch Pail – Tips for Marketers: An introduction to HTML tables

By: The Lunch Pail Originally, HTML tables had one obvious purpose – to display tabular data. But the introduction of border=”0” gave designers a more aesthetically pleasing way to layout content and more control over it. In the late 1990s, this was more or less salvation for Web designers. The ability to control how and where you could position elements on a website offered some brilliant workarounds... [Read more]

Email Marketing Personalization vs. Dynamic Content by Carolyn Nye @CareNye

When it comes to email marketing, email marketers love to throw around big terms that make us sound smart and make it seem as though we’re on the cutting edge of all the cool technology and marketing trends. No doubt you’ve heard terms like personalization, throttling or dynamic content. But really, what is the difference between personalization and dynamic content anyway? The biggest misnomer... [Read more]

7 Tips to Grow Your Email Subscriber List by Carolyn Nye @CareNye

7 Tips to Grow Your Email Marketing Subscriber List Email is a unique marketing channel because it is permission based. That’s one reason email has a high return on investment: If consumers raise their hands and say, “Please market to me;” they are likely to purchase in the future. But building a large opt-in subscriber base takes dedication, strategy and time. Here are seven tips to help... [Read more]

5 Steps to Succeed in Email Marketing Without Really Trying by Carolyn Nye @CareNye

5 Steps to Succeed in Email Marketing Without Really Trying I recently got to see the play “How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying.” The play is set back in 1962 and seems to have held true to so many business stereotypes even today. The plot follows a young window washer’s rise up the corporate ladder to become Vice President with the help of his trusty guide book outlining the steps... [Read more]

4 overlooked elements of triggered emails by Carolyn Nye @CareNye

Anyone who knows me knows I love triggered emails. Why? Simply because they are extremely effective and when done right customers love them too.  It seems, however, that there are some simple keys to success are often overlooked: Just do it already: Home Depot recently revamped their website and introduced triggered personalized email communications, including an abandon cart email. Kudos to them.... [Read more]

Subject line winners & losers by Carolyn Nye @CareNye

Subject lines are one of the basics in any email marketing program. Writing an effective, compelling and relevant subject line sounds easy, but can be one of the hardest challenges for any email marketer. Crafting that small sentence to persuade customers to open and become engaged in your communications is difficult, and emails can only be effective if they are opened in the first place. So what... [Read more]