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All posts by: Chris Donald

  • Profile:  Christopher Donald is currently a Partner and VP of Sales and Marketing at Inbox Group, LLC based in Dallas, where he oversees U.S. and International sales of the Inbox Group email marketing service (SaaS). Chris has worked on the front lines of internet sales and marketing since 1995 and directly in email marketing since 2000.
  • Website:  http://www.inboxgroup.com
  • Twitter:   http://www.twitter.com/inboxgroup
  • LinkedIn:   http://www.linkedin.com/in/inboxgroup

All contributions by Chris Donald

Sh*t My dad says about email marketing by Chis Donald @inboxgroup

My dad is one of my favorite people in the world. He’s 82, retired, and lives in Winter Haven, Florida. He has a great sense of humor as well as a firm grasp of what I do. In fact, I once heard him describe my job to another retiree, saying, “My son is an email marketer. He helps companies send email newsletters—not that spam crap—the stuff you sign up for and want.” To give you an idea... [Read more]

Email Marketing: Just What the Doctor Ordered by Chris Donald @inboxgroup

Email Marketing: Just What the Doctor Ordered Over the past ten years I have worked with a myriad of healthcare providers, as well as individual family doctors, helping them with their email marketing. Like most email marketing, we always suggest strongly to segment and offer content based on the individual recipients’ wants and needs. When these rules are followed, along with personalization,... [Read more]

Co-Registration Hurts for Lack of Memory by Chris Donald @inboxgroup

Co-Registration Hurts for Lack of Memory What is Co-registration? Co-registration is the process of subscribing to two or more email newsletters at once that are offered to you, usually in a promotion/contest or e-commerce setting.  In some cases the Co-Reg option is pre-checked which is a practice I find to be sleazy at best. Co-registration takes place when two websites partner to build their respective... [Read more]

Email marketing through rose-colored glasses by Chris Donald @inboxgroup

As email marketers, we sometimes are viewed by those with no real knowledge of the email marketing industry as falling into the same bucket as spammers.  We are not.  For those who have a basic understanding of email marketing, we deliver email to large lists.  We do, and much more.  To those who understand the real value of email marketing as a way to extend and nurture the business relationship,... [Read more]

Why I’m not an email marketing expert, guru, thought-leader, Jedi, blah, blah, blah… by Chris Donald @inboxgroup

Editor’s note: We’ve updated the post to add all the Jedi’s suggested by you! First things first, no one gets to call themselves an email marketing expert.  In fact if you were to give a shout out to those who actually are far more experienced calling them an expert, they would on most occasions feel a little uncomfortable and say they have just been around longer than others or... [Read more]

Email subscriber geo-location tagging and endorphin boost with nanotechnology by Chris Donald @inboxgroup

While reviewing analytics for a Fortune 100 company, they posed the question: How can we better track and increase purchases through email marketing?  So the brain-trust at Inbox Group went to work in partnership with the NanoTechnology Dept. at M.I.T.  After years of development and testing on mice, bunnies and college students, we are finally ready to release our new tracking system. Subscriber... [Read more]

Magic brownies: High times in email marketing by Chris Donald @inboxgroup

Wow!  I’m still a little stunned over a phone call I got from a guy interested in our email marketing service.  This is a true story with just the name changed to protect the not-so-innocent. Okay, so it’s a normal morning at the office and I pick-up the sales line, on the other end is a guy I’ll call Jeff (think Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High)  Seems Jeff has... [Read more]

My senior moment in email marketing by Chris Donald @inboxgroup

Please welcome Christopher Donald of The Inbox Group with another great guest post! This one should have you rolling in the isles!  Check out his last post here! – jd I was lucky enough to have an entire week off in February and spent that with my Dad.  You see, usually my Dad comes to visit only during the spring or summer months.  This is the first year since I moved to Texas that he has... [Read more]

Email Marketing: ‘Short Attention Span Theatre’ or Do You Have Sender ADD? by Chris Donald @inboxgroup

Email Marketing: ‘Short Attention Span Theatre’ or Do You Have Sender ADD?  Sometimes I wonder if the whole “Information Overload” we experience in our day-to-day lives keeps us from staying on task.  It seems that all information now is a sound bite, elevator speech, 10 tips to increase your [whatever].  If the subject line in your email marketing isn’t enticing,... [Read more]