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  • Profile:  As the Content Manager at Admail.net, I am responsible for all of the content on Admail's website, blog, and social media accounts. I am also responsible for social media strategy including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
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All contributions by AdmailEmailDan

How to Avoid Triggering Spam Filters by Dan Lukens @AdmailEmail

How to Avoid Triggering Spam Filters The dreaded “spam box” stands as a barrier to every marketer who sends email content. If you’re in the industry, you know that spam filters are a constant source of discussion and frustration. Every mailer has to deal with them, whether they are a small business that sends one hundred emails or a large company that send hundreds of thousands. While you’re... [Read more]

Focusing on Mobile by Dan Lukens @AdmailEmail

Focusing on Mobile Statistics show that in only a few years, more people will open email on mobile devices than desktop or laptop computers. According to most reports, 42% of email is currently read on a mobile device. Mobile email is the most important way that email is evolving and one of the main reasons why it is more relevant today than ever. One thing is abundantly clear, in order to get the... [Read more]




Since 1995, Admail.net has been developing email marketing and seamless database management systems for our clients. Our mission is to remain the leader in direct marketing while keeping our customers #1. Our clients trust us with the lifeline of their business… their proprietary customer database. Understanding how our clients‘ businesses have changed has allowed the Admail.net concept to grow... [Read more]

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