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All posts by: Eric Didier

  • Profile:  CEO & Co-Founder ividence Eric Didier is a successful serial entrepreneur with a broad background in enterprise software sales management, complex software development and product management for web technologies. In 2008, he co-founded ividence, a stand-alone email ad exchange that disrupts the traditional acquisition email market. The company’s platform matches email offers to records based on campaign performance, bid, and end-user behavior, which results in fewer emails sent with a higher ROI for all. In December 2011, ividence won a Red Herring Global Top 100 Award. Prior to ividence, Eric was the founder and CEO of Soamai in 2000, a metadata applications company which was acquired by Allen Systems Group in April 2004. He continued at ASG on the Executive Management team as the Worldwide Vice President of Sales, Product Management and Solution Marketing. As interim COO, he then helped two French companies in establishing their worldwide presence (Sunopsis, Viadeo).
  • Website:  http://www.ividence.com
  • Twitter:   http://www.twitter.com/ericdidier
  • LinkedIn:   http://www.linkedin.com/in/ericdidier

All contributions by EricDidier

A Checklist for Monetizing Your Email Marketing List the Right Way by Eric Didier @ericdidier

A Checklist for Monetizing Your Email Marketing List the Right Way We talk with a lot of list owners who are interested in monetizing their email marketing lists but aren’t sure how. They understand their email list is a valuable asset, but they don’t know how to unlock that revenue stream without damaging the value of the list. A lot of these publishers have very sophisticated retention email... [Read more]

Why You Don’t Want to Buy (or Sell!) Email Lists by Eric Didier @ericdidier

Why You Don’t Want to Buy (or Sell!) Email Marketing Lists In the past, I’ve written about a question we love to hear when we talk to publishers about acquisition email: “How will this affect how subscribers view my company?”  I want to discuss a question that we’re not as eager to hear: “So, can I buy an email list from you?” The short answer is: We don’t sell email lists, and we... [Read more]

Why Acquisition Email Should Be Part of Your Revenue Generation Strategy by Eric Didier @ericdidier

Speaking with new and current publisher clients at ividence, one of the most common concerns we hear is, “How will this affect how subscribers view my company?” This is a great question, and we love to hear it! We wanted to give this topic some attention on our blog, Hitting the Target. Publishers who ask this understand both the value of email marketing and the importance of respecting subscribers.... [Read more]