Fred Tabsharani


Fred Tabsharani is engaged in strategic marketing initiatives for Port25 Solutions, Inc., a globally recognized email software company which serves Email Service Providers and leading enterprises. After receiving his MBA from John F. Kennedy University, Fred immersed himself into the world of email deliverability and constantly discovers new insight from thought-leaders in the email industry. He is a columnist for a few industry blogging portals and is also a member of several email based organizations including but not limited to MAAWG and the Email Experience Council. Fred’s goal is to continue honing his skills and knowledge in this space and to build timeless industry relationships that transcend business goals.

Feb 01
Social networking and eMail by Fred Tabsharani @tabsharani

Sharing a good bottle of wine with friends is simply a much richer experience than…

Jun 21
DKIM: Determining its Value Proposition by Fred Tabsharani @tabsharani

DKIM: Determining its Value Proposition by Fred Tabsharani The nature and origins of…

May 23
The preference center: mission control for your subscribers by Fred Tabsharani @tabsharani

The preference center is a highly intriguing, untapped resource for Email Marketers…

Jun 04
Emails’ Lone Ranger: The Deliverability Consultant by Fred Tabsharini

Emails’ Lone Ranger: The Deliverability Consultant There is a growing subculture…

May 14
Email marketing: Worthy of a higher sense of purpose by Fred Tabsharani @tabsharani

Whether there are dozens or hundreds, the email marketing messages that arrive daily…

Mar 04
Inbox reserve III: Email notifications go prime time by Fred Tabsharani @tabsharani

In Inbox Reserve parts one and two, we discovered how socially centric preference…

Feb 24
Inbox reserve part II: future subject lines will reduce spam complaints by Fred Tabsharani @tabsharani

As outlined in Part I of Inbox Reserve, “Why Email must Reverse Engineer Social Now,”…

Jun 01
Server Consolidation using VirtualMTAs by Fred Tabsharani @tabsharani

There comes a time in the course of every company when cost-cutting is required,…

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