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All posts by: Garin

  • Profile:  A little bit about me: I am a proud new dad, and just finished writing a Twitter Tools book: How to Harness the Power of Twitter and Twitter Tools: http://twittertoolsbook.com. Once you buy this book you will receive all additional updates and resources for free! Some of my favorite things are social media, fitness, technology, and writing, hockey, and running. I enjoy most sports and the outdoors. Traveling is a passion of mine and I have been to California twice in recent history, Florida, Cancun, and the Dominican Republic. I hope to add to this list extensively and travel the world. My personal blog is GarinKilpatrick.com, and I own interawesome.com and facebookflow.com.
  • Website:  http://garinkilpatrick.com
  • Twitter:   http://www.twitter.com/GarinKilpatrick
  • LinkedIn:   http://linkedin.com/in/garinkilpatrick

All contributions by Garin

15 Innovative Ways to Get More Email Marketing Subscribers by Garin Kilpatrick @Garin

15 Innovative Ways to Get More Email Marketing Subscribers The money is in the list.  Whether your list is a list of RSS subscribers or email newsletter subscribers it pays to have an audience of readers eager to eat up the great content you produce.  The following tips are targeted towards email marketers, but are also useful for any bloggers who are looking to significantly grow their subscriber... [Read more]

How to Add Anyone to a Safe Senders List by Garin Kilpatrick @GarinKilpatrick

How to Add Anyone to a Safe Senders List We found a great resource online that shows the simple step by step instructions about how to add anyone to a safe senders list. If you sign up for our newsletter, we ask that you add us to your safe senders list, since we will be sending you nothing but the best tips, deals, news and insights about email marketing. Depending on your email provider, there is... [Read more]

Twitter email tools top 10: tweets, alerts & plugins for your inbox

Twitter is a great way to share what you are up to live but, not everyone is able to spend all day watching TweetDeck. Twitter email tools to the rescue! The 10  email tools below offer  summary services, Microsoft Outlook plug-ins, filtered alerts, and cool different ways to engage with the twitterverse, all from your inbox! 1. Nutshell Mail Nutshell Mail offers a daily social media summary... [Read more]

Super charge your Microsoft Outlook and add social media to your inbox

Xobni is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook that puts a new spin on the way you view your contacts.  You might have guessed already, but Xobni is inbox spelled backwards.  The name xobni is appropriate because this service offers a cool new way of managing your Outlook contacts and other aspect of your existing email information. The Xobni plugin has been downloaded over 3 million times since their... [Read more]