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emfluence Marketing Platform

emfluence Marketing Platform A Marketing Automation Platform Built for Marketers, By Marketers. The emfluence Marketing Platform is so intuitive, you’ll swear it was built just for you. That’s because it is. We’ve focused the emfluence Marketing Platform’s features around what’s really important: helping digital marketers like you tackle everything from email nurtures... [Read more]

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Are you in or are you out? What makes a great re-engagement campaign? by Jessica Best @bestofjess

Are you in or are you out? What makes a great re-engagement campaign? Your email marketing list doesn’t stay golden forever. Contacts may change email addresses and never tell you. You may be the victim of triage – where subscribers quickly prioritize and delete emails –  in an overcrowded inbox (who isn’t?). The truth is, if you’re like most email marketers, up to 50% (or more) of your... [Read more]

Creating Your Digital Marketing Content Plan For 2012 by Jessica Best @emfluence

Creating Your Digital Marketing Content Plan For 2012 And just like that… January’s already over. Who has their email campaigns all ready for back to school sales this fall? How about holiday 2012? Have you laid out a Content Plan for 2012? If you raised your hand, you’re dismissed (and I’m impressed). If you’re like the rest of us, you’re surprised to find yourself in February already... [Read more]

Tricky? Or Brilliant? Cvent Uses Personalization the Right Way by Jessica Best @emfluence

As a true nerd for email marketing, when I come across something that makes me act, I usually pause to think “Hmm, how’d they do that?”  I got this email from event marketing company, Cvent and didn’t even realize it wasn’t a personal request until after I opened it. “Will you send us a picture of emfluence’s last event?” As the marketing manager, I’m thinking “Of course! Who... [Read more]

8 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Sign-Up Process by Jessica Best @bestofjess

8 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Sign-Up Process Lots of factors play a role in your success as an email marketer. From your offer to send window to email frequency, there is a special recipe for your industry and even your brand. Perhaps the “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!” of email marketing – what seems to hog the spotlight – is our list: quality of prospects and customers on the list, size... [Read more]

Making email marketing work at work by Jessica Best @bestofjess

Great email marketers – like you – know email marketing best practices. You rock your promotional emails, getting a huge Return on Investment and you have all the measurement to prove it. You tweak your email program based on regular testing and segmentation. You are an email marketing rockstar. So how does your internal newsletter look? Let’s face it, “the cobblers’ kids” or whatever... [Read more]

What Valpak Can Learn From Email Marketers by Jessica Best @bestofjess

Every couple of weeks, I, like most Americans, get the ever-invasive package of coupons that is Valpak in my mailbox. Fifty colorful, magazine-ready coupons stuffed into a bright blue #10 envelope and labeled “To the Smart Shoppers at…” Let me start by pointing out two important factors: (1) I love getting discounts to things and (2) I don’t for one second want to bag on direct mail. As an... [Read more]

Email marketing metrics to watch by Jessica Best @bestofjess

Last week, a friend of mine called in a favor. He was prepping for a big job interview and while he had great experience in interactive, he was begging me for a “crash course” in email marketing. As a true EMN (Email Marketing Nerd-ess), I couldn’t wait to impart some of what bounces around in my head all day. After about 15 minutes, I’d already used the word deliverability 50 times. I wanted... [Read more]

Teaching the static web new tricks with landing pages by Jessica Best @bestofjess

Personalized, targeted experiences. That’s what online marketing is all about these days and we’re getting smarter and faster at providing segmented and personalized web experiences. Email marketers are already savvy on the benefits of personalized marketing, so why not take that personalization beyond the first click? Your website is beautiful and functional, but can it address your prospects... [Read more]

Email Marketing Opt-Out: A Not-So-Good Example by Jessica Best @bestofjess

Email Marketing Opt-Out: A Not-So-Good Example As providers of email marketing services, one of the things we do is provide guidance to clients and colleagues on best practices. Sometimes, the best way to talk about the right way is to look at examples of, well, the wrong way to do email marketing. One of the touchier areas of discussion is permission. An email marketer will ask you “Opt-in or opt-out?”... [Read more]

“Oh you’re the people who send me spam . . .” by Jessica Best @bestofjess

Who among us email marketers has ever heard himself or herself labeled as a spammer? Really, in our industry, who hasn’t? But is that really all marketing and promotion is? Unwanted, irrelevant, clutter-some content for the sake of inbox (or junk box) presence? Of course not. To be fair, irrelevance alone doesn’t make you spam. Valid marketers are accidentally irrelevant all the time. Spam is... [Read more]