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All posts by: Jim Ducharme

  • Profile:  Jim Ducharme is the Community Manager with GetResponse. He’s a veteran broadcaster and editor, having launched such brands as PC World Canada and The eMail Guide as editor. He also has a background in technical support and has built and managed online community networks with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. His traditional and new media experience gives him unique perspective and insight regarding integrated email and multi-channel marketing. You’ll find Jim writing for numerous blogs and speaking at events around the world. You can follow Jim on Twitter @hugeheadca.
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All contributions by Jim Ducharme

7 things Santa can teach us about email marketing

OK its fair for you to be asking yourself what the heck I’m going on about since Santa doesn’t do email marketing. Indeed, but considering I wrote 10 things Sesame Street can teach us about email marketing and 5 things The Flintstones can teach us about email & social marketing, well, what do you expect? Here’s some wisdom for email marketers from the jolly old elf himself! 7 things... [Read more]

How to handle email marketing mistakes & social media missteps by Jim Ducharme @GetResponse

There’s one thing I can promise you about social media, email marketing and the internet in general and that is that you will screw up at some point. It might be a small misstep or it could be a rake slamming right into your face, but you will have to deal with an “oops” or worse at some point. In the past, traditional channels and the push marketing model meant that at worse, if marketers made... [Read more]

Facebook Messaging: So, what’s wrong with email?

Just after I posted on the Facebook messaging roll out, I had an interesting call from a reporter who had read the post. He wanted to know what was wrong with email? Why is it that some folks seem to want to kill it or at least totally change it? Why did Mark Zuckerberg want to make it so clear that his new messaging service wasn’t email? First of all, I don’t think Mr. Zuckerberg wants... [Read more]

Email marketing: A love-hate relationship…Yipee!

Email marketing: A love-hate relationship…Yipee! A love-hate relationship is defined as a personal relationship involving simultaneous or alternating emotions of love and enmity. This relationship does not have to be of a romantic nature, and may be instead of a sibling one. This relationship also exists between people and inanimate objects such as appliances – sounds crazy, but we humans... [Read more]