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Doing Nothing Is Still Doing Something, Right? by Joi Brooks @joibrooks

Doing Nothing in Email Marketing Is Still Doing Something, Right? The fine art of doing nothing sounds like the life of leisure. And so it doesn’t take a rhetorical master to spin the concept of nothing and turn it into something quite substantial. Lately, even email marketers have found the topic worthy of discussion. Are the inactive members of your address book tantamount to zero or potential... [Read more]

The Personalized Email Experience by Joi Brooks @joibrooks

The Personalized Email Marketing Experience Personalization doesn’t start and end with your subject line. There’s quite a bit of content that you can dynamically display if you get more personal and store added details about your subscribers, other than their email address, in your address book. The result provides a relevant and personalized message for each subscriber and increases response... [Read more]

Knock, Knock… Who’s There? Spam. Spam Who? by Joi Brooks @joibrooks

Knock, Knock… Who’s There? Spam. Spam Who? Some folks never forget a face but have trouble remembering names. Email servers never forget a name but are sight blind and rely on your domain’s good reputation. So, while you are scheduling your editorial calendar, testing subject lines and following best practices without an opt-in or double opt-in process in place, your hard bounces,... [Read more]

Social Sharing Can Cause Exponential List Growth by Joi Brooks @joibrooks

Social Sharing Can Cause Exponential List Growth “Shares well with others.” Remember that phrase from your early school days? The concept may well be elementary, but the practice also applies to good marketing behavior. If you’re designing your emails to include social share icons and links, consider the following. Your company’s social network may include Facebook, Twitter,... [Read more]