Jordie van Rijn


Jordie is an independent email marketing consultant with his company eMailMonday. He specializes in email marketing and event-driven campaigns, helping brands to get the most from their email marketing efforts. Selecting emailtools at email vendor selection website is another.

Feb 28
The 5 Commandments of Responsive Email Design By @jvanrijn

When it comes to responsive email design, there are 5 commandments email marketers…

Mar 20
The business behind increasing your email marketing ROI by Jordie van Rijn @jvanrijn

Most email marketing programs that are being deployed are bringing in quite some…

Apr 04
Forrester: Email Marketing is Alive and Kicking by Jordie van Rijn @jvanrijn

Forrester: Email marketing is alive and kicking Forrester Wave Email marketing vendors…

Jan 12
Remarkable Email Marketing Optimization by Jordie van Rijn @jvanrijn

Remarkable Email Marketing Optimization I’d like to ask you one question: How you are…

Jul 12
Email interestability – how to make your email marketing more interesting by Jordie van Rijn @jvanrijn

Email interestability – how to make your email marketing more interesting   Quick…

Jul 11
3 questions to get more subscribers by Jordie van Rijn @jvanrijn

A first step in creating email marketing relationship with your (potential) customer…

Jun 15
7 ESP Selection Tips Not to Be Missed by Jordie van Rijn @emailmonday

7 ESP Selection Tips Not to Be Missed After going through the gigantic task of…

Apr 21
From search & buy to a customer relationship by Jordie van Rijn @jvanrijn

A small exercise. Close your eyes and think about the products in the room. Do you…

Apr 06
Differences between email marketing vendors bigger than expected by Jordie van Rijn @jvanrijn

European Email Vendor Features and Functions Guide Released This week the European…

Mar 16
Pushing the envelope by Jordie van Rijn @jvanrijn

Pushing  the envelope Why is it that we receive so much uninteresting email? How is it…

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