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Benefits of Downsizing Your Email List By Krista Barrack @xverify

Yes, there are real benefits to downsizing your list. Remember the old saying that good things come in small packages? Well, so does better rates of engagement with your email campaign. But, before we dive too much into that I want to be clear that growing your list should still be your priority. List growth is essential for digital marketers. Growing your list is not easy. You have to keep things... [Read more]




XVerify – Intelligent Email Verification with SendShield Technology Bad leads damage your inbox delivery. Eliminate hard bounces, reduce your spam complaints, and minimize fraud. We check each and every email address to make sure it is a real mailbox set up at the server so this returns the highest rates of accuracy. Every check we do is a unique transaction and we do not store data on our servers... [Read more]

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