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All posts by: Lynn Dalsing

  • Profile:  Lynn Dalsing develops marketing strategy and content within the U.S. market for ividence. She has several years of experience in marketing for both B2B and B2C audiences. While working at high-end maternity clothing manufacturer, Ingrid & Isabel, she oversaw the development and evolution of branding for the company’s highly successful launch into Target stores. Lynn has a passion for combining outstanding messaging with reach and engagement statistics, once describing an ESP’s reporting dashboard as the “best toy a marketer could get.” She can be reached at ldalsing@ividence.com.
  • Website:  http://www.ividence.com
  • Twitter:   http://www.twitter.com/lynndalsing
  • LinkedIn:   http://www.linkedin.com/in/lynndalsing

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The ividence platform is a disruptive technology that transforms the email acquisition market’s traditional practices, bringing to email what is available in the Display and Search markets. The 100% automated and transparent platform matches offers to records based on bid, performance and end-users’ behavior, resulting in fewer emails sent, improved ROI for Advertisers and increased revenue for... [Read more]

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Beyond Leads – 4 Unconventional­ Uses for Standalone Email Ads by Lynn Dalsing @lynndalsing

Beyond Leads – 4 Unconventional­ Uses for Standalone Email Ads One of the most obvious benefits of standalone email advertising is that you can take as much space as you need to explain complicated concepts. As a result, dedicated email ads have often been used to find new prospects for industries that are complex (like finance or insurance) or whose buying cycle is very long (like autos and home... [Read more]

Behaviorally-Targeted Emails Keep User Engagement Mint-y Fresh by Lynn Dalsing @lynndalsing

Behaviorally-Targeted Emails Keep User Engagement Mint-y Fresh If there is still a question in your mind about whether or not it’s important to segment and target your email lists, I’d like to banish it: 25% of people say they have unsubscribed from an email list due to irrelevant content. In a study of 100K marketing emails sent, HubSpot found that senders with 2-6 email lists had a 13.7% increase... [Read more]

Hollywood Can Teach Email Marketers a Few Tricks by Lynn Dalsing @lynndalsing

Hollywood Can Teach Email Marketers a Few Tricks In the run up to the Oscars, lunch-time conversations in the ividence office featured our own Academy Award predictions. It occurred to me that there’s a lot that email marketing can learn from the movies. Hollywood has long worked to master the art of setting theatergoers’ expectations before a movie’s release. Following the same strategy can... [Read more]