Author: Matt V - @emailkarma

Matt Vernhout is ThinData’s Director, Delivery and ISP Relations responsible for maintaining industry-leading deliverability rates. Matthew is an industry advocate by actively contributing to international marketing and email-related associations including the Message Anti-Abuse Working Group and the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email. He also participated on the Canadian Federal Government’s Anti-Spam Taskforce. He speaks authoritatively about email marketing, deliverability and ISPs. For each topic, Matthew is well-versed on the leading trends, tools, techniques, risks and opportunities.
Aug 15
Privacy Goes Public: Eight Tips For Online Marketers by Matt Vernhout @emailkarma

It seems like you can’t open a news feed these days without being inundated with…

Jul 17
CRTC Posts Regulations For CASL by Matt Vernhout @emailkarma

(First published by Matt Vernhout at ) Last week while Canada was…

Oct 08
FISA: Canadian anti-spam law compliance guide for marketers by Matt Vernhout @emailkarma

The Fighting Internet & Wireless Spam Act of Canada (FISA, Bill C-28) is wending…

Sep 29
Canadian anti-spam bill C-28 to get second reading by Matt Vernhout @emailkarma

The anti-spam bill “Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act” (FISA) has been put back…

Jun 05
Email Delivery is like a Night Club by Matt Vernhout @emailkarma

Today I was sitting down with a co-worker and they asked about whitelisting. More…

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