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All posts by: Michael Saikaly

  • Profile:  Michael is a Graphic Designer at The eMail Guide. He has over 5 years experience in the design industry. He's done design work for brands: Playtex, Wonderbra, Hanes and more. In his free time, he takes up Salsa dancing, loves the beach, spending time with family and friends and enjoying life.
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All contributions by Michael


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Email Marketing Specialist @ Apex Systems – Orlando, FL – 04-10-2012

Email Marketing Specialist @ Apex Systems Apex Systems is a rapidly growing business services company that places temporary and permanent professionals into other organizations. Specializing in technical placements, Apex Systems was listed by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing private companies in America. Since it’s formation in 1995, Apex has continued its aggressive growth and... [Read more]

emailmonday – Impact of new Gmail design on your email marketing

By: emailmonday Google has recently been rolling out a new look for the Gmail webclient. It is a minimalist theme, that is designed to match the new look of the Google services like the recently released Google+. Techcrunch reported that the Google+ design is created by Andy Hertzfeld, one of the original Macintosh designers. New Gmail: minimalistic design The new design is pretty minimalistic, using... [Read more]

#eMailRadio presents: Email Marketing to an International Community

#eMailRadio presents: Email Marketing to an International Community With guest Nick Eckert of GraphicMail #eMailRadio host Jeff Ginsberg will interview Nick Eckert, CMO of GraphicMail – a micro multinational company that focuses on email, mobile, and social messaging solutions for small businesses. During the live show Nick and Jeff will give us valuable insights into international email marketing.... [Read more]

Protected: Email Ninjas Presented by Email Expert

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Tweets for Love – Please help @theemailguide donate this year #tweets4luv

This year we wanted you to add a little bit of love to the tweets you send out. Please help us by tweeting this page and we will make a donation to the charities below. For each tweet we get, we donate a dollar per tweet to a maximum of $500.00 The total amount of money will be distributed equally between the two charities in honor of our friends, family, clients and community. Thank you for your... [Read more]

Twas Two Weeks Before Christmas by Warren Corpus

By popular demand (and better late than never), Twas Two Weeks Before Christmas by Warren Corpus (originally published by ADBUMb on December 8, 2004) Twas two weeks before Christmas, I’d just smashed my mouse Pissed off at my listing I found on Spamhaus. My emails were sent with the greatest of care Not knowing my campaign was considered spyware. It’s late on a Monday, just as soon be in bed But... [Read more]

Protected: GraphicMail

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MediaPost – A Loyal Follower Is Hard To Find (And Keep)

Source MediaPost by Jack Loechner According to the 2010 Cone Consumer New Media Study, loyal followers can be hard to come by for companies trying to reach consumers online. New media users still choose to demonstrate affinity (“like” or “follow” or subscribe to RSS feed) for an average of only 4.6 companies online, making this an exclusive club. Consumers are more open... [Read more]

Bronto – Bronto Live! Email Testing hits The eMail Guide Radio

Source Bronto by Caroline Smith Last week Bronto Email Marketing Strategist, Kelly Lorenz and Bronto client, Nathan Maxwell joined the good folks at The eMail Guide for their weekly radio show to discuss the hows and whys of email marketing testing.  Missed the show?  You can listen to it in its entirety here on The eMail Guide’s website Before the live show, Kelly wrote a blog post on The... [Read more]

Direct – Rx for Ailing Email Response: Reduce Frequency

Source Direct By Glenn Laudenslager Certainly email is still one of the most productive and powerful tools in the marketer’s arsenal of tactics. Recent research shows there’s no falloff in usage even with the shift toward social networks; in fact, studies from Nielsen and others show an enhanced level of email usage among those with high participation in social media. That said, some of the... [Read more]

Clickz – Test What Matters – Ignore the Rest

Source Clickz By Tim Ash If you have done any research on the subject of conversion rate optimization, you’ve probably come up with a long list of potential problems and concerns about your site’s landing pages. These issues probably range from tactical problems to fundamental mismatches between your visitor’s goals and your landing page. So how do you decide which ones are worthy... [Read more]

MediaPost – How Social Media is Inspiring — Or Forcing — Changes in Email Marketing

Source MediaPost by Loren McDonald No, I don’t believe that social media will kill email anytime soon. But I do believe that it is changing email marketing: both the content of the messages themselves and email’s role and value within the marketing mix. Essentially, social media is forcing email to get real, to make the message more of a one-to-one conversation and to make the benefits... [Read more]

copyblogger – How to Keep Your Email Marketing List from Hating Your Guts

Source copyblogger by Barry A. Densa (Nudnik: Yiddish for pain in the ass, nuisance, pest, a marketer who sends too many emails to his house list) Okay, so how do you know when you’re being a nudnik? That is, how do you know when you’re sending too many emails to your money pot, your gold mine — your email list? Consider the following … If your email open rate is lower than the relative humidity... [Read more]

eMarketer – More Time Spent on Social Media than Email Worldwide

Source eMarketer Email most common daily activity, but social racks up more hours As the social media trend becomes a normal part of life for internet users the world over, it’s also becoming the most time-intensive activity on the web. The TNS “Digital Life” survey of internet users around the world found in September 2010 that on average, surfers spent 4.6 hours a week on social sites,... [Read more]

Direct Mag – Up the Ante with Social Media Spirit This Holiday Season

Source Direct Mag By Mélanie Attia Santa may not have taken his traditional spot in the shopping center yet, but visions of dancing sugarplums will be upon us soon enough. To expand your marketing reach this holiday season, consider adding the bells and the tinsel of social media into your email program:  Read More →

Direct Marketing News – Post-purchase e-mails can unearth greater revenue

Source Direct Marketing News By Loren McDonald For retailers, marketing efforts are tied to one important moment — the purchase. For online retailers in particular, many tactics revolve around the path to this important transaction — preference centers ask customers about the products they are interested in, cart abandonment programs remind shoppers to complete purchases and promotional e-mails... [Read more]

Horsepigcow – Culture v. 1.0

Horsepigcow - Culture v. 1.0 Source Horsepigcow For anyone who has been following me, you know that I’ve transitioned in 2010 from being author/speaker/marketing consultant to a startup co-founder. I’ve worked for/with over 30 startups over the years, including Like.com (when it was Riya.com), Slideshare, TripIt, Scrapblog and Ma.gnolia.com (still think it was the best social bookmarking site... [Read more]

Email Yogi : Five ways to spruce up your social presence

Email Yogi - Five ways to spruce up your social presence Source Email Yogi By Sundeep Kapur Like it or not, your consumers are all over the social hemisphere. And interestingly with the buzz around social media, many companies are looking for the perfect way to engage with their consumer on social media channels. Here are five simple things you could do to spruce up your social presence: Listen... [Read more]