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All posts by: Mick Griffin

  • Profile:  Mick is the Key Account Manager for GetResponse Email Marketing. With over 7 years of Sales and Marketing experience Mick quickly adapted to Email when joining GetResponse in 2008. Now in charge of Business Development, Mick is the primary point of contact for new and existing customers with GetResponse. He spends the majority of his time interacting with them, understanding their needs and working to see those are met. Mick is experienced in social media and still continues to be involved in that aspect of GetResponse’s business. You’ll find him posting on the GetResponse Blog. You are also likely to run into him at any number of Email marketing conferences throughout the year.
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All contributions by MickGriffin

Do You Ask for Too Much Sign-up Data? by Mick Griffin @mickgriffin

Do You Ask for Too Much Sign-up Data? Here at GetResponse, we recently launched our segmentation feature, and we already have the use of personalization and dynamic content. So we encourage you to gather as much data as you can on your clients, so you can have the ability to ‘Market to One’. But is there such a thing as too much data? Today I am going to talk briefly about some key points to remember... [Read more]

Now You See Them & Now You Don’t. Email Marketing’s Unsubscribe Magic by Mick Griffin @mickgriffin

There are still email marketers that view the unsubscribe link as necessary but, a totally scary part of email marketing. They want to keep it as far away from their readers as possible. They use old tricks like putting 50 spaces at the end of the email, or changing the background to match the font color. But these actions have far worse consequences than a potential unsubscribe. Because, stationed... [Read more]

Email marketing: Don’t stop at the sale by Mick Griffin @mickgriffin

I know that lots of email marketers use autroresponders. I’m not going to sell you on the value of using an email marketing autoresponder, because I think that’s already clear. Using one effectively is what I’d like to talk about. I see it happening in two different ways. I either get great emails prior to a purchase, then they stop. Or I get some “how to”, or up-sell emails after I’ve... [Read more]

Personalized subject lines: do they help? by Mick Griffin @mickgriffin

With great features comes great responsibility. Now any email marketing provider worth their salt will offer you personalization, and  it’s easier then ever before. Just a couple of clicks and you’ve personalized your email. ‘Wow, that was so simple. Can’t wait for the results,’ I hear you say. Well, think again, because if used incorrectly, this feature can sometimes... [Read more]

HTML Messages Improve Your Click-Through Rate if Done Right by Mick Griffin @mickgriffin

HTML Messages Improve Your Click-Through Rate if Done Right Here at GetResponse Email Marketing we have been busy yet again collecting that important data to help you improve your email marketing! The battle between HTML and plain text messages continues, but is it waning? And in whose favor? It’s true that HTML messages are much more eye-catching with professionally designed templates and gorgeous... [Read more]


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GetRepsonse survey: Does email marketing work for your industry? by Mick Griffin @mickgriffin

I know it’s been along time since my last post. I have been information hunting across the globe for our GetResponse clients. Firstly attending Chris Brogan’s Expo in San Fran, followed up with Ad-Tech. Then a short hop over the Atlantic for Internet World in London. For anyone contemplating any of these events, Chris’s events are a must. But I’m back with a report I think... [Read more]

SMB online marketing trends for 2010 by Mick Griffin @mickgriffin

As you all know, GetResponse is used by marketers all over the world. We deliver 5B emails every year, and the number’s climbing!  We certainly have the volume, so we’ve been conducting all kinds of studies to learn more about how marketers use GetResponse and what kind of results they’re getting.  Today we’re excited to reveal the results of the 2010 Email Marketing Trends Survey We asked... [Read more]