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All posts by: Raingal7

  • Profile:  Laura is a seasoned email and database marketing strategist who has done both business-to-business demand generation and business-to-consumer lifecycle marketing. She has worked with some of the savviest email marketing organizations in the retail, travel, gaming and technology industries. Laura is currently Director of Market Development at TailoredMail, a Seattle-based email service provider who specializes in making email campaigns and landing page content more personalized, social and mobile-friendly.
  • Website:  http://www.tailoredmail.com/blog
  • Twitter:   http://www.twitter.com/tailoredmail
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All contributions by Raingal7

Two Principles of Psychology to Incorporate into Your Email Marketing by Laura Ashley @tailoredmail

Two Principles of Psychology to Incorporate into Your Email Marketing   Principle #1: Social Proof Social proof (aka informational social influence) is the phenomenon that people look to the behavior of others when determining how to behave or when deciding upon a course of action. It is a way for a person to quickly validate their planned course of action for the best possible outcome. This... [Read more]

3 Guiding Principles for Customer Relationships by Laura Ashley @tailoredmail

3 Guiding Principles for Email Marketing Customer Relationships The examples provided here are shown in the context of email communications, however they apply broadly to marketing and customer loyalty. Guiding Principle #1: Don’t bait and switch. This one should be so obvious.  Creating and maintaining customer loyalty is a high priority for every business, whether B2C or B2B. However, many... [Read more]

Sharing Your Email Subscriber List for Event Marketing Purposes? Read This First. by Laura Ashley @tailoredmail

Sharing Your Email Marketing Subscriber List for Event Marketing Purposes? Read This First. I recently received an email inviting me to a local event called Mamacon. In actuality, it was a relevant message, as I am a mom.  However, I was one hundred percent confident that I had not subscribed to Mamacon’s email list.  It wasn’t until I visited the site and took a look at the sponsors that I... [Read more]

Before you test, track! By Laura Ashley @tailoredmail

Before you test, track! It’s easy for an email marketer to develop and embark upon a comprehensive test plan before they even have a baseline—especially across their segments.  For example, when it comes to testing subject lines, most email marketers simply do an A/B split across their entire database and use the open rate to determine the winner.  The findings, if any, may or may not be applied... [Read more]