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All posts by: Scott Cohen

  • Profile:  Scott Cohen is a writer, thinker, and marketer. Well-versed in and raised on local/regional TV and radio commercial writing, Scott has expanded his interests, talent, and expertise into the full spectrum of marketing communications, including email marketing. Currently, Scott works for Western Governors University as their Marketing Copywriter, where he manages the creative for the university’s email, web, print, and direct mail communications. He writes his own blog, contributes to others, and is continually getting more and more involved in the email marketing space. When not spending probably too much of his time on blogs or Twitter, Scott’s busy with his wife and newborn daughter living in beautiful snowy Utah.
  • Website:  http://scottwriteseverything.com
  • Twitter:   http://www.twitter.com/scottcohen13
  • LinkedIn:   http://linkedin.com/in/scottcohen13

All contributions by scottcohen13

Designing an Email Marketing Conference by Scott Cohen @scottcohen13

  Designing an Email Marketing Conference Last week, I spent three wonderful days (four, really) on Captiva Island in Florida for the Email Insider Summit. Overall, I thought the event was great—especially for networking purposes. The sessions themselves were like any other conference: some solid, and some not-so-solid. Content overall was pretty good. The Insider Summit, in particular, is... [Read more]

Email Marketing Wisdom: Best of the Email Snob Interviews by Scott Cohen @scottcohen13

Email Marketing Wisdom: Best of the Email Snob Interviews Over the past several weeks on ScottWritesEverything.com, I’ve been conducting a series of what I call “Email Snob Interviews” with respected voices in the email marketing industry. In the first round of the series, I spoke with: John Caldwell, Independent Consultant and author of RedPillEmail.com Rory Carlyle of Carlyle Inc. Kelly Lorenz... [Read more]

Asking the right questions: eMail and the customer experience by Scott Cohen @scottcohen13

Imagine yourself as the customer of your business. How do you expect your experience to go? How would you feel if each method of contact with you (TV, email, direct mail, etc.) was different from the next? So much so that it created confusion—a cognitive dissonance, if you will—enough of a disconnect that you’re left scratching your head, wondering why you’re getting an email from... [Read more]


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