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All posts by: Skadeedle

  • Profile:  Skadeedle is the coolest site for all your small biz marketing – yep, all of it! We offer tons of tools, how-tos, advice from the pros and heaps more to ramp up your small biz mojo. We give you the scoop on the latest and greatest in marketing, social media and technology and how to apply them to your business, so you can focus on what you do best: growing your company!
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All contributions by Skadeedle

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing by @skadeedle

Taking a little bit of time to make just a few changes to your email marketing can get you big results in engagement, and it’s all about engagement, right? The best way to understand how engaged your readers are is to take a look at your email marketing reporting stats. They’ll tell you how engaged your readers are: How many people opened an email from you, and what percentage of email openers... [Read more]

The Anatomy of an Effective Email by @skadeedle

Remember back in science class when you dissected a worm and saw exactly how all the parts worked? A bit gross, but fascinating. We’re happy to say there will be no scalpels today, but we will examine the parts that make up an effective email: From Label – This should be your company name as most people will recognize your company more quickly than say, your personal name, and since you have... [Read more]

Email Delivery: 3 Tips to Get in the Inbox by @skadeedle

Email delivery is important, even if it’s something that happens behind the scenes. Most of us have heard stories of what spam filters look for, the word F*R*E*E, too many bad links or messy HTML code. And while those things could send an email to the spam folder, the latest thing that ESPs are looking for is content engagement. It’s not just about how you say something, it’s what you say... [Read more]